4 ways brands can build a better customer experience in 2023 

by | Feb 27, 2023 | Public Relations

You can approach your brand’s customer experience in a lot of different ways that can help build your employee confidence and the security of your business, as well as keep your customers satisfied. This can be a difficult situation, however, as solving these issues isn’t cheap and can be very complex. Fortunately, these methods can get you started in the right direction:

#1 Improve customer service

Things are changing after the pandemic, and you need to make sure that you are inviting your customers into your store with open arms. You should be making sure that your business is thinking very carefully about not only training the necessary employees in customer service, but also that your marketing and customer service teams have incredible phone and email etiquette, to make sure that service remains consistent throughout all areas of your business.

This can make a real difference to those that may have been shopping online recently, with the impersonal façade of even the biggest online retailers replaced with a human touch.

#2 Train your PR department

Your public relations team needs to be well-trained. This can help you to build a better and more personal relationship with both your customers and potential customers, as they will help your business become far more customer focused, and help your business present the right persona to build a more loyal customer base. This can be great for presenting your business in a unique and appealing way, so you should be training your existing PR team, as well as looking out for talent within your business to give you that ‘X’ factor.

#3 Don’t forget aesthetics

While customer service is important, you are also going to need to work on the aesthetics of your store. This is crucial to making sure that your customers are getting the experience they want. A good way to help boost your aesthetics is to have a theme within your business’s shop, as well as change things around regularly to keep it fresh. This can be a great way to build up a more interesting layout and experiment with what works best, as well as encourage customers to explore everything you have to offer.

You should also think about creating more permanent artistic additions, such as wall art. If your shop is particularly large, you might also find that it is beneficial to have signs too. Getting some custom stencils to help you get exactly what you want can be a crucial part of building that aesthetic.

#4 Focus on your website

Looking after and building up a high-quality website is also important. This can include utilizing chatbots, building a more customer-friendly layout, and decluttering any useless information. It can also be making sure that your website is well-maintained, which can be essential to everyday use, by looking at loading speeds and how secure it is. This can help you reduce your bounce rate, as well as encourage your customers to browse for longer, which can be the key to making more sales.

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