4 ways to nail your eco-friendly PR story

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Public Relations

As many consumer and electorate surveys continue to tell us, there’s a growing number of citizens across the world who are profoundly concerned about the environment and would like to trade with companies that take these concerns seriously. In order to tap into this market, and follow the forces that are dictating a new, greener attitude towards business, you need to be able to put together a PR story about your progress as a company. In this article, you’ll learn just how to achieve that in order to draw eco-friendly consumers to your company.

Make the right changes

You cannot do a PR story without the story, and it’s here that you need to find the best way to make your company greener. You need to do this in such a way to have measurable results that you can share with your customers and the world at large. If you invest in a recycling baler from recyclingbalers.com, you can measure how much more waste you’re recycling in a month. If you cut down your electricity bills, make sure you calculate the cut carbon footprint that this entails. This is your raw story for the PR campaign; then, it’s time to hand it over to your marketing team.

Craft a winning story

Your marketing team are able to take a look at the story you have—that you have in some way brought in changes that’ll revolutionize the way you work, in a greener fashion—and change it. They’ll add a couple of bells and whistles, and make a story from your raw data that tells of increased and improved performance. These creatives will then package up the story and get it ready to sell to consumers through their marketing channels.

Edit as appropriate

Now it’ll be off to your designers and editors, who’ll take a look at the PR angle and decide how to rehash it across all of your communications platforms. These platforms might include:

  • Your social media channels, like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Your YouTube platform, where you engage customers through videography
  • Your email marketing newsletters, in which you can include the story
  • On your company website, perhaps on the ‘news’ or the ‘blog’ pages
  • Through a press release to those papers and journals that may wish to publish your breakthrough

With the story edited down and rehashed, it’s time to publish it and see the likes and the shares rolling in.

Build momentum

The job isn’t over when you’ve published your story, of course. You need to measure it for views, reactions, shares, and click-throughs. What you’re primarily looking for are those consumers that you convert into customers through your diligent work on your environmental impact. If you’re able to show how well you’re doing in addressing your green responsibilities, and this translates to more trade, you’ll be able to justify further measures for change in your company.

There you have it: four ways you’ll be able to nail your green credentials to your brand with pride, leading you to a shinier and more respected brand image in the long-run.

Maggie Hammond
Often found exploring the US, freelance writer Maggie Hammond is a retired nurse and a keen advocate for alternative medicine and holistic treatments. Additionally, she feels passionate about raising critical awareness of the strain on public health organizations.


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