5 Halloween-themed email examples to get inspired 

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Halloween is around the corner, and most brands need inspiration for their upcoming email campaigns. During this spooky period, there are many tactics that you can follow to upgrade your email marketing efforts and increase your revenue.

The following chart portrays this increase in expenditure in the United States from 2005 to 2022, which is significantly higher each year and can bring a high ROI for your brand.

5 Halloween-themed email examples to get inspired 


This article will analyze popular Halloween email campaigns, and we will try to understand the tactics behind their successful results. But before we do that, we need to understand the basic email parameters of a high-converting email campaign.

Email components to create a strong email campaign

  • Give your email subject lines a spooky twist

Subject lines are essential if you want to construct email campaigns with a high conversion rate. Making them as terrifying as possible is the best strategy for Halloween because it’s the initial impression of your readers.

Experiment with different subject lines for your emails. It’s a great opportunity to use Halloween emojis instead of regular text. Dare to incorporate some pumpkins and spiderwebs, consider what attracts attention, and start formulating your strategy.

  • Create a personalized experience

Utilizing personalization around Halloween can significantly increase your ROI. Segmenting data is the best way to make emails more personalized. Simple examples include adding a first name to the greeting or promoting particular products based on website visitors’ past behavior.

To make it easier, utilize a Halloween email template with specific custom fields to create a high-converting email sequence. You can always use a customized lead magnet to motivate your potential clients to enter your email sales funnel

  • Leverage upselling & cross-selling strategies

Make the most of your Halloween emails by inspiring your clients to consider complementary goods. Offer your customers extra products and special discounts to increase your average cart value.

If you want a quick return on investment, upselling and cross-selling are always the best sales strategies.

Halloween email campaigns examples


5 Halloween-themed email examples to get inspired 


The email marketing company Moosend used Halloween to craft a more educational email campaign. Hats, spider webs, and pumpkins are added extras that give it a Halloween feel and make it pop in subscribers’ inboxes.

Thanks to the email’s simple design and Halloween-inspired color scheme, readers have a seamless experience between the newsletter and the blog.

The content is on email marketing and how to succeed in this industry. Every reader who engages with this email has the potential to become a customer; thus, this email is part of Moosend’s email marketing funnel.

Pro tip: If you don’t know where to start with your emails, you can always use a Halloween email template and custom the fields according to your brand’s voice.


5 Halloween-themed email examples to get inspired 

Lush is a British cosmetics brand that leveraged Halloween to launch new products and highlight them in their newsletter. This is a great strategy to acquire new customers and increase revenue.

The power of this email design comes down to small details like the Halloween font and the spooky email copywriting. Lush has a clean layout and portrays the new products with a CTA at the top of the email to encourage action.

Overall this email is a great inspiration for retailers and e-commerce brands that want to improve their email marketing campaigns and use this channel to grow their customer base.


5 Halloween-themed email examples to get inspired 

Google is another excellent example of how to use Halloween emails to highlight the features of your products or services. Everything from the email copywriting to the illustrations and the color palette works perfectly to let people know how to use Google’s services and drive blog traffic.

This layout helps you get into the Halloween spirit at home and has clear sections with suggestions, tips, and offers. If you have a service-based business, this email is your go-to example to get some inspiration and build your email campaigns successfully.


5 Halloween-themed email examples to get inspired 

Mango takes another approach for their Halloween email campaigns with a sketching technique over product photos which is among the latest design trends. It’s an interesting approach that grabs readers’ attention and can affect overall campaign engagement.

This unique twist, combined with the spooky copywriting and the CTA, makes it easier for people to take action and ultimately visit Mango’s store.

J. Crew

5 Halloween-themed email examples to get inspired 

Pumpkins have a clear connection to Halloween, so J.Crew used this element for their Halloween marketing campaign, creating an entire design. Apart from the captivating photo with the pumpkin pattern that calls for attention, J. Crew uses the tagline “Instead of superhero, try well-dressed,” and ads a sales offer to encourage people to take action.

The brand creates a simple and effective email that leverages Halloween to send a seasonal discount, leading to a high ROI as we already mentioned that people are in buying mode.


Halloween is an excellent opportunity for brands to bring another level of refreshment to their email marketing campaigns. With all this inspiration from this article, you can craft your Halloween email using an email marketing service like Hubspot and other popular alternatives and start reaping the benefits of email campaigns.

Identify what elements suit your brand’s voice and optimize your campaigns with a clear goal. For most brands, this would mean increased sales, but for others, it could be just to create the beginning of their email marketing funnel.

Until the next one, keep sending those Halloween emails.

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