5 tips for doing PR for your business’s new cryptocurrency

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Public Relations

Public relations is a vital aspect of your company’s brand. You need to ensure all aspects of your PR are in service of your brand and showcasing a positive image. It’s also a useful tool for introducing new concepts, services and initiatives, such as cryptocurrency. Here are five tips for doing PR for your business’s new cryptocurrency.

1. Help your audience begin to learn about it

When you introduce a new feature, product or service, it’s important to help your audience begin to learn about it. They need to understand why you’re offering it, why it’s important, what it means for them and how to access or use it. Include information on everything you think your audience needs to know, from the basics of what cryptocurrency is to more specific information, such as what asset-based-lending is and how to calculate crypto profit. . If your audience doesn’t understand what the new offering is, its purpose or why it’s important to you, then it’s less likely to succeed. PR aids in ensuring success.

2. Write an FAQ page

FAQ pages, or frequently asked questions pages, are essential tools for both providing information and aiding PR, particularly when it comes to new products that customers are unfamiliar with. By creating an FAQ page, you give your audience a primary resource to go to when they first encounter another aspect of your PR. Someone can check the FAQ page to see if his or her question is listed there. If it is, then he or she can view the answer and any related links for further information. If it isn’t, then he or she can go to one of your PR or customer service agents for answers and more information.

3. Invest in live chat features

Live chat features can provide more assistance for new offerings than customer service agents can alone. A live chat function utilizes artificial intelligence that can guide customers toward answers and solutions to basic problems and questions. They can even direct users straight to your FAQ if their questions are listed there. If a customer has a more complex question or isn’t getting the answers he or she needs, then the live chat can redirect him or her to a customer service agent. These functions improve customer satisfaction and assist the good PR you’re creating for your new cryptocurrency.

4. Work with a PR agency

You don’t need to build your PR campaign on your own. While some companies do have dedicated PR teams in-house, there are also outside PR agencies you can contact who can do that work for you. Some PR companies even specialize in various fields, such as technology, so these may be best equipped to assist you with a PR campaign revolving around cryptocurrency. These agencies know the best strategies for ensuring good PR.

5. Focus on transparency

Transparency is key to any good PR strategy. All the positive promises and claims in the world can’t hold up if your product is faulty or if your business practices aren’t clear. Customers want to know that they’re building relationships with organizations they can trust. If you’re not transparent about your policies or providing your customers with essential relevant information, it won’t matter if you’re doing everything else right. Your customers won’t feel as though they can trust you like they would if you were transparent. Transparency affords your company credibility, which goes a long way toward developing good PR.

Like any good PR, your cryptocurrency PR should be positive, informative and provide an invitation for customers to ask questions or seek further information. You want to make sure your PR representatives and marketing are friendly and approachable.

Lewis Robinson
Lewis Robinson is a business consultant specializing in CRM and sales. He's begun multiple corporations and currently freelances as a writer and personal consultant.


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