5 tips for reading and understanding data insights in PR

by | Feb 10, 2022 | Public Relations

The way that the public perceives the organizations that you work with is important to the success of your public relations. Your customers want to know that they can trust you and your services and that you will represent them in the best light. To reach these clients, you must know what demographics they must reach and the best way to contact their customers. Here are a few tips to read and understand the data insights for your PR business.

Know what data you need when you generate your report

Before you begin a search of your database for the information that you need, take a moment to determine what the end result is that you require for your campaign. This can include the demographics of the audience you want to reach, what media platforms will work best for your message, or which employees within your company would be interested in what you intend to present to them. Knowing these facts makes utilizing your CDP more effective and guarantees that you will get the data you want. Note these details in a place that you can easily access and refer to them as you continue on.

Apply what you have discovered to your needs

Once you have documented the search fields that you are interested in, apply them to the software that governs your database. You can adjust the key words that you wish to find or rearrange the results to work for your campaign. Print out different versions of your report so that you can compare the data until you get the most accurate outcome in the end. Apply the information that you have to your project to see if you have all the categories filled. If you are still lacking everything that you require to reach the right public sources with the news that you have, do another compilation with the new topics that you need.

Does this data work with the entire project?

Review the entire campaign that you have set up for your client. There may be areas where this data that you have received from your sources can be used in other parts of the project. When you are studying what demographics would be the appropriate target market for your customer, you can also use the information that you have gathered to determine what media source is the best to contact for them. You may find that their end user is more likely to get their news from their computer instead of their television. In this case, you will want to build your message for social media and search engine optimization over talking to a reporter.

Create a graphic to see your results

A simple way to study the results that you have received from your databases is to organize it in a chart or other type of graphic. Instead of looking at a series of numbers and words that might make little sense, these pictures can give you an accurate representation of the information you asked for. You can also share them with your client as you explain the direction you wish to take with their PR campaign. They will be able to better understand the ideas that you have and be able to give you helpful feedback in return.

Analyze your long-term data for repetitions

Continue to run the same statistics for your long-term clients and look at the results to identify patterns in the data. This can indicate which demographics are successful or if you should make a change to get a better outcome. You can also utilize these factors on other customers to fine tune their campaigns and assist them to reach the public quicker with less effort. Your organization has been tasked with representing your clients and their image to the public and their customers. Using data insights to determine their target market and what platform is the best to use can assist you in developing their campaign and monitoring its success.

Kevin Gardner
Kevin Gardner graduated with a BS in Computer Science. He works as a business consultant for InnovateBTS, where he helps companies integrate technology to improve performance. He shares his knowledge and expertise not only with his clients but with his fellow bloggers and readers.


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