6 marketing strategies to boost your brand on YouTube

by | Jun 29, 2021 | Analysis, Public Relations

YouTube is an incredibly powerful network. Creating a video, optimizing it, and getting it ranked high on Google for any given keyword are the strategies that need to be focused on by marketers. YouTube is a took which marketers should focus on. Some marketing and digital PR strategies for marketing on Youtube:

1. Research

Determining a clear direction in terms of where a business wants to go with their videos is important. Make a list of frequently asked questions people have about your business’ product or service. Discussing myths and misconceptions around a particular industry can also create compelling content. There will always be competing products and services, so a review or comparison video showing how you stack up against competition also makes interesting content.

2. Title

As MTM’S Alexei Orlov has noted, the title of the video is an important ranking factor. The title should preferably have search term keywords. For example, ‘Seattle chiropractor shares 4 ways to relieve shoulder pain’. If anyone in the city is searching for a chiropractor, chances are they are going through discomfort and pain. If they come across a title like this, it’s an apt message to market a match. Congruence with the content of the video is also needed to maximize impact. Follow through and deliver. When someone is searching online, the title is the first attention-grabber.

3. Incoming links

When the content is exceptional, people will want to link to it so that they can share with friends and family. Inbound links influence a video’s ranking. The link-building process can be expedited by sharing the video on a blog or social media websites such as Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook. It is a good idea to send mails to your subscriber list. That helps to get the momentum rolling. The link to the video can also be included in press releases.

4. Social media shares

YouTube videos can be easily shared on social media sites such as Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and many more. As these social media shares are tracked by Google they affect how the video ranks. As more and more people share the video, the higher the video will rank provided it has been tagged and titled correctly. Hence. It is important to get as many views as possible.


Comments are an engagement factor that also influence a video’s ranking. To get people to comment on a video, an effective way would be to ask a question at the end. If a person who comments has channel authority it would appear even better. There should be responses to comments too. This sort of interaction shows that there is active engagement.

6. Piggyback on trends

Whatever is trending in the news media can always be used to generate content. If you are selling beauty products, use the tagline, ‘express your individuality’. For a large section of the population who feel untapped by the beauty industry this would work wonders. For interesting content, the discussion in the video may go beyond the product and include tips and strategies for using them effectively.

Ronn Torossian
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