6 types of videos that enhance your landing page’s effectiveness

by | Apr 2, 2021 | Analysis, Public Relations

Creating a landing page for your brand allows you to communicate with your audience in your own terms. However, you want your website to have just the right amount of relevant information, addressing your clients in a captivating way.

So, how can you take full advantage of your landing page’s possibilities? What is the most engaging medium to show people what your brand and products are all about?

You’ve guessed it! The answer is video—spoilers in the title, I know.

Right now, landing page videos have become the most effective medium to show (rather than tell) your products or services, and explain in just a few seconds how your brand can improve your potential customers’ lives. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a thousand pictures!

That being said, some videos are better than others for different goals. In this article, we’re going to go over three major marketing objectives and the types of videos that the best production companies out there are using to accomplish them.

Let’s start.

6 types of videos that enhance your landing page’s effectiveness

Showcasing company values and inspiring confidence

People connect with content that makes them feel something. It can be a relatable story, a heartful testimonial, or just a little joke: we look for emotional connection in our everyday lives. Brands that understand that building confidence and sharing values are essential factors for improving sales figures, will create a strong and lasting relationship with their customers.

So, if you want your landing to emotionally resonate with your prospects, there are two types of videos you should prioritize: company stories and testimonials. The kind of content that puts your product or service in the back seat, for just a second, and puts the people who make them or buy them at the wheel.

Testimonial videos

People trust people; it’s as simple as that. E-commerce platforms may become the primary way we shop in the near future, but some people still feel insecure about online purchases. Testimonial videos solve that problem by letting your happy customers speak for themselves and sharing their experience.

But a review should go beyond a generic quote and tell the story of how your product or service improved the life of your customer. A real and profound testimonial can go a long way in showing your authenticity.

Do remember, though, that an effective testimonial must be aligned to your target audience and the real-life uses and benefits your clients have experienced.

A video that tells a relatable story is a great way to add more voices to your landing page and provide a personal touch that you can’t get from a written review.

Company story videos

Every company has a story to tell. It can be the history of how the brand started, the time you made your first sale or sharing what a normal day at your office looks like.

Company story –or company culture– videos let your audience into the behind-the-scenes of the products or services they love, and the workers that make them possible.

Because of their unique nature, company videos allow you to showcase your brand like never before. With a variety of very simple approaches you can follow to accomplish your goal. But get creative! The goal is to make audiences think about your brand as what it really is: a group of people working together to provide the best service possible.

Effectively communicating a product’s features

Most of the time, all that stands between your product or service and your potential customer is the right piece of information. You may have the most innovative product or service in the market, but you still need to communicate it in an engaging way to get your message across.

Product videos and explainer videos can do that extremely well. They are not your usual, predictable video ads that focus solely on selling. Instead, they offer a solution to your audience; they give them something they’ll be interested in hearing because it speaks to their specific problems.

Explainer videos

Marketers know that consumers aren’t looking for a product: they are looking for a solution. If you understand your audience’s pain points, you can educate them on why your product or service is the best answer to their problems. And that’s what explainer videos are for.

They are short animated pieces that use the power of storytelling to an advantage. In just under 90 seconds, they describe the relatable issue your customers have, point to your product or service as the solution, and explain what makes you better than the competition.

Explainer videos can use characters, metaphors, and infographics to break down a complex product into a simple and direct call to action. By using your brand’s colors in the animation, explainer videos can look great in your landing page while also providing valuable information to your audience.

Product videos

There’s a reason why product videos are such a popular tool in the e-commerce business. Including a product video on your landing page offers you a direct and simple way of listing the key attributes of your product or service. You can also show your product being used in context so that you make sure your audience understands all of its features and benefits.

Some videos covering complex products contain instructions, making it useful for customers that like to get a clear picture before they make their shopping decision. But keep in mind: your product or service should be the protagonist of this piece, so find clever and captivating ways to present it!

Dealing with consumer concerns

Explainer and product videos are a great first presentation of your brand and products -but what happens if your audience wants more information? What if they have a specific question that you didn’t get to answer on those videos? That’s what FAQ and educational videos are for.

Their main focus is to help your audience. Dive deep into what your customers struggle with and offer them a clear step-by-step solution. Do it the right way, and you’ll not only make a personal connection with your clients, but you’ll also be seen as a reference in your industry—an expert in the field that wants to share knowledge with an interested audience.

FAQ videos

Communication is a key aspect of every relationship. Brands must offer customers the possibility to reach out and tell them about their doubts and problems with their product. This way, no one will know your target audience better than yourself, and only you will be able to offer a solution specifically designed to their needs. And there’s nothing more satisfying like the feeling of solving a problem, isn’t it?

Since creating a video for each potential question is nearly impossible, FAQ videos usually center around one single topic and its multiple related questions. Taking the time to gather this information will make the video feel real to the viewer like it’s addressing his or her specific point of view.

Educational videos

In the current digital age, we need mediums that can work in spite of our short attention span. This is why video is increasingly being used in eLearning platforms for educational purposes. A short and simple video is a far more engaging way of learning about new things than using plain text.

Similar to FAQ videos, the idea behind educational videos is to help your audience on a specific problem they have, but also to educate them about these topics and helping them get a better understanding of your product or service. Educational videos work great in landing pages for brands that need to teach audiences about a complex process or guide them through a step-by-step guide.

To sum up

We’ve seen too many landing pages gone wrong because they don’t understand how to communicate with their audiences in a clear and captivating way. Video is the most effective medium at explaining what your brand is all about while also making an emotional connection with your visitors.

As we’ve seen in this article, there is at least one type of video for each of your marketing needs. So, pick the one that suits you best and take the time to get your video right!

Victor Blasco
Victor Blasco is a digital marketing expert, Co-Founder & CEO of Yum Yum Videos and Yum Yum Digital.


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