7 powerful ways to get lots of users for your SaaS product—fast

by | Feb 20, 2024 | Public Relations

Embarking on the SaaS highway with your shiny new product can feel a bit like setting up a lemonade stand in the Sahara—exciting but kind of daunting. You’ve poured heart, soul (and let’s face it, countless caffeine-fueled nights) into building something awesome. 

Now, the million-dollar question is how to get hordes of users to come knocking at your digital doorsteps without having to wait for eternity. Fear not! We’ve got some killer strategies up our sleeve that’ll help you attract users fast. And nope, we’re not talking about splurging on flashy ads or praying for viral miracles—we’re keeping it practical and punchy.

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1. Crank up your content game to capture curious clickers

Your content isn’t just a collection of words; it’s the magnetic pull that captures the online wanderers, drawing them into your universe. Think of it as a digital street performance—one spellbinding act and you’ve got an audience glued to the spot. 

But we aren’t penning down War and Peace here; every article, video, and tweet must aim straight for the sweet spot—the intersection where interest meets information. Kickstart this campaign with blog posts that solve real headaches in your niche, toss in some snazzy tutorials showing off your product’s jazz hands, and sprinkle enough SEO magic to get Google grinning. 

Keep it fresh, keep it relevant, and serve it hot! Droves of intrigued prospects will come galloping over the search engine hills eager to see what all the commotion is about.

2. Landing pages that stick like glue

Imagine your landing page as the digital equivalent of a sticky mousetrap, but instead of rodents, you’re catching users with a slick combination of words and design that’s too tempting to resist. 

You want a laser-focused message that yells “You’ve hit the jackpot!” in terms of solving their needs. Make it crystal clear what your SaaS does, hammer home those benefits, and toss in testimonials for that trust factor.

Don’t forget to throw in some eye-candy visuals; nobody ever said no to a bit of aesthetic appeal. Keep the navigation smooth because if they have to click around more than Indiana Jones exploring ruins, you’ll lose them. Tailor each landing page like it’s bespoke fashion—personalized for the specific audience you’re wooing.

3. Ride the referral programs wave

There’s nothing quite like a good old nudge from a friend to get you to try something new. Now, blast that concept into the stratosphere by injecting it with some latest growth hacking insights, and voilà—you’ve got yourself a referral program on steroids. 

Entice your existing users to spread the word about your SaaS with discounts, free service extensions, or even cold hard cash as thanks for bringing in fresh digital blood. Your advocates are more than just users; they’re your street team equipped with credibility and personal testimonies, two things ads simply can’t buy. 

Structure this right and not only do you tap into new networks organically, but you also build loyalty among current customers which is a total win-win in anyone’s book!

4. Elevate your email etiquette and watch sign-ups soar

Turning your email list into a bustling crowd of active users is like making bread—you need the right ingredients, some time to let it rise, and a touch of heat for that perfect crust. Start with catchy subject lines that stand out in an overstuffed inbox; think clickbait without the bait-and-switch. 

Each email should be a masterclass in balance: personal yet professional, informative yet not novel-length. Drip campaigns can keep the conversation going without overwhelming potential customers. They’re like breadcrumb trails leading straight to sign-up bliss. 

Also, don’t ignore segmentation; cater to your audience’s diverse tastes by tailoring content that resonates with their specific needs and interests—because nothing says ‘I get you’ better than an email that might as well have been written just for them.

5. Get chatty with chatbots for instant engagement

It’s time to embrace the future and buddy up with chatbots because let’s face it—people want answers yesterday. Toss a chatbot onto your site and watch it become the ultimate multitasking greeter, salesman, and support guru all rolled into one sleek digital package. 

These AI-powered conversation wizards are like round-the-clock interns who don’t need sleep or coffee breaks. They’ll hit your visitors with the warm fuzzies by providing instant responses, guiding them through trouble spots, and even collecting user details—all contributing to that precious engagement we’re after. 

It’s about giving users an experience so seamless they might just forget they’re not chatting with a real person. Deploy these tireless bots correctly, and you’ll have a non-stop flow of engaged users flocking in.

6. Cut through the noise with sharp social strategies

Let’s be real, social media is like a 24/7 digital cocktail party and your SaaS is the guest that everyone needs to meet. But you can’t just rock up and yell “Look at me!” You should be slicker than that. 

Craft posts that sizzle with relevance, serve them some industry insights with a side of wit, and make sure they’re shareable enough to go viral in micro-communities. Hashtags? Use them like secret handshakes to get into niche groups. And don’t sleep on direct messaging features for a personal touch; slide into those DMs like you belong there. 

By consistently churning out content people care about, you cement your reputation as an authority—and before you know it, followers are lining up to click that “Sign Up” button because they trust what comes from your corner.

7. Nudge the influencers and watch your user base explode

Dial into the influencer network and you’ve pretty much got a backstage pass to their legion of followers. These are folks who can get people jazzed about things they didn’t even know they needed. 

Pick influencers aligned with your brand values and let them work their magic. A casual mention, a tutorial, maybe a review—these moments can skyrocket awareness faster than you can type out ‘influencer marketing’.

It’s an undeniable exchange: they nab fresh content that keeps their feed interesting; and you score exposure to potential users who value their opinion. Finesse this relationship right and watch as these new fans swing by your SaaS thinking, “If it’s good enough for [Influencer], it’s definitely worth a shot!”


Let’s wrap this up like a burrito full of goodness—we’ve armed you with an arsenal of tactics to create user-generating momentum. Implementing these strategies isn’t just throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks; it’s about crafting calculated moves that’ll land users on your platform fast.

Remember, building traction is an ongoing hustle but stick to these playbook moves and those user numbers will start racking up faster than you can say “growth hack”.

Jessica Perkins
Jessica Perkins is a writer and SaaS marketing consultant who helps businesses scale up their marketing efforts. She is obsessed with learning and also is passionate about sculpting. 


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