Boosting content usefulness with better management

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Public Relations

ROT—redundant, out-of-date, and trivial content—is what happens when you fail to plan what happens to your content after you hit publish and do the initial promotion. This short-sighted approach is costly to businesses—and, as your content library grows, it often makes the readers’ experience less than ideal.

New research from Content Marketing Institute (CMI) reveals opportunities for marketers to get more from their content when they manage it as a business asset—something you need to manage strategically so you’ll get the best return on the content investment.

The org’s inaugural 2017 Content Management & Strategy Survey focuses exclusively on how content marketers strategically manage their organizations’ content.

“Our [report] shows there is a huge opportunity for marketers to get more from their content investments—to plan, create, and strategically deliver content in a more efficient manner,” said Lisa Murton Beets, research director at CMI, in a news release.

“The research showed most organizations view content as a business asset, yet many are in the early phases of putting the right structures in place to effectively manage content,” she added. “Marketers can use this research to see how they compare to their peers in terms of managing content.”

Other key highlights:

Most marketers say their organization values content as an asset—but it isn’t treated as such

Ninety-two percent of content marketers say their organization views content as a business asset, yet fewer than half (46 percent) have a documented strategy for managing content as a business asset.

Boosting content usefulness with better management

Many of the structures needed to manage content as an asset are not in place

For example, only 29 percent of respondents have established a message architecture/messaging framework.

Boosting content usefulness with better management

Too much human intervention is needed to repurpose content

Fewer than one in four (24 percent) respondents say they can always or frequently repurpose content without a great deal of human intervention.

Technology is underutilized—or is lacking altogether

Only 18 percent of respondents feel their organization has the right technology in place to manage their content marketing efforts. Another 45 percent say they have technology tools, but aren’t using them to their potential.

Boosting content usefulness with better management

The CMI Research team surveyed 411 marketers from the CMI audience to learn how they manage content within their organizations.

Read the complete report here.

The research was conducted to support CMI’s Intelligent Content Conference, which will be held March 20-22, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

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