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by | Oct 22, 2015 | Public Relations

This piece was written with input by David Nadeau, CTO and Pragya Dubey, Director of Client Services.

“MediaMiser’s professional services team is the key to curating your content.”
– Pragya Dubey, Director of Client Services

Author’s note: A prospect recently asked us “What is turnkey media monitoring?” We often use the term ‘turnkey’ internally when talking about MediaMiser’s Enterprise solution, and often forget that not everyone knows what that means for the PR and communications industry. This Marketing post was created to answer that question, and highlight the benefits of this type of program.

Did you just spend “big dollars” on monitoring software? If you did, you probably purchased a solution that meets your current media requirements: from alerting you to breaking stories, to showing insightful stats and trends that your business can use to make critical decisions.

But do you have the staff to use the software to its full potential? Are they properly trained? Do they have time to use the software effectively?

At MediaMiser, we’re experts in offering Turnkey Media Monitoring solutions. Historically, the word “turnkey” meant “jailer”—nowadays, it refers to a job that can be done with the single turn of a key.

Our turnkey solution means that MediaMiser manages the complexity of media monitoring so you don’t have to. Since every account has different monitoring requirements, we excel in recognizing our client’s objectives and optimizing our software tools to meet them.

Regardless of how complex you may think your monitoring needs are, we’re always up for the challenge.

Our company requires the right media content, at the right time, in the right order. How can MediaMiser service these requirements?

  • Targeted source selection: traditional media, broadcast, social media, blogs.
  • Keyword selection and signal-to-noise reduction.
  • Media outlet ranking by impact, media item ranking by prominence.
  • Language and region coverage: from your home base to the world.
  • Delivering on your key performance indicators.

We have very specific needs when it comes to our media reports and how we consume them.

  • At MediaMiser, we begin our workday early to predictably deliver by the time yours starts. Your business never sleeps and never takes vacations. We stand by you every day, when you need us most.
  • With MediaMiser, you can access your news and trends on mobile apps, email, Intranet, RSS, or other formats that work for your company.
  • If an exceptional corporate or PR event happens, we throw exceptional resources at the task.
  • We know your company: we read about it every day, so we’re constantly evolving and adapting.

How do we guarantee a quality, hassle-free media monitoring experience for you and your business? Through managed media monitoring. Companies switching from in-house to managed media monitoring can quickly see a difference in quality, mainly because managed media monitoring services are completely objective.

MediaMiser provides objective monitoring through our highly skilled and specialized Client Services team, allowing us to sift through your company’s good news, bad news, and crisis coverage without the emotional bias of being an in-house employee.

We understand that media monitoring is complex. With thousands of print dailies and community papers, an exponentially growing list of news websites, blogs and an exploding social media chatter, how do you cut through the noise and get to the heart of the matter?

You need the right tools, the right content sources and the right staff. That’s the key to curating your media content. You need MediaMiser.

Agility PR Solutions
Agility PR Solutions provides powerful, yet easy to use media database, monitoring, and analytics solutions for tomorrow’s communicators. Since 2003, clients have trusted our tools and services to help them identify and connect with influencers, capture coverage, and measure impact of everything they do. Whether we do it for you or help you do it yourself, our team of media experts make it easy to monitor and measure traditional, broadcast, social and online coverage.


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