Exploring how AI can be used in public relations

by | Sep 9, 2022 | Public Relations

The value of a strong, successful public relations campaign cannot be understated. When a company or brand invests in an organized set of activities whose aim is to build a loyal, ever-expanding client base, targeted goals, such as sales quotas, can be met more easily. Artificial intelligence is being used with increasing frequency in the field of public relations.

As technology continues to disrupt more and more aspects of disparate industries, lots of companies are utilizing AI to streamline repetitive processes and find efficiencies where they can. Public relations firms are following suit, examining ways that AI can take over tasks traditionally done by humans, thus saving the firm time and energy while always being able to count on precise results.

What Is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence refers to the theory and development of computer systems that are able to perform tasks that do not require human intervention. Translation between languages, decision-making, speech recognition and visual perception are examples of AI capabilities. Neural network chips are used to reduce the requirements for brain-like computer processing from whole networks of computers in complex applications, like AI.

How is AI being employed in public relations?

One way that AI is used in public relations is in quickly evaluating vast amounts of data, such as might be associated with the latest trends and news or customer survey materials. AI can be taught to find relevant information amidst a sea of irrelevant material. Tasks like this, which would take humans much time and energy, AI does instantly.

Whereas a person could make mistakes that could taint the data, AI never will because it’s programmed to think like a human without human fallibility. When a bot is programmed to seek out specific words and phrases, only the important content will get flagged and collected.

Another way that PR firms are employing AI is to monitor media coverage. AI bots can be used to track media impressions for a PR firm’s clients, as well as the clients’ competitors. In this way, they can show their clients what the current landscape looks like and what actions they need to remain relevant. Not only can AI scan news coverage to keep the firm’s clients abreast of the market, but it can also track any trends in topics that the firm might want to get ahead of.

Because of its automated process of scanning information, AI can determine, through evaluating certain metrics, when the best time will be for posting to social media or issuing a press release. It will tell you who is using which apps at what times and for what reasons. AI, therefore, is a tool that can be used in public relations to use data to get inside the minds of existing and potential clients, without designating a team of humans to try to figure it out.

The data capture that is generated from evaluating massive amounts of information can help PR firms offer recommendations as to which channels to use to put forth their messaging. It can help to determine how the content should be fashioned and even what type of content to include.

Final thoughts

Artificial intelligence is trending toward more applications in more industries, making things easier for businesses and consumers alike. Public relations firms are beginning to employ this disruptive technology to make it easier for them to advise their clients on how best to attract and motivate a consumer base. By harnessing so much data and making considerations in the way that humans might, it might not be long before artificial intelligence is producing press releases on its own, after ‘watching’ the market for a quarter or two.

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