Facebook users calling for privacy regulation after user data breach

by | Apr 5, 2018 | Public Relations

The Cambridge Analytica scandal was a clear eye-opener for Facebook users about the vulnerability of their data privacy. The crisis continues to grow, with new reports this week that more than 87 million users may have been compromised. Site users are now calling for more regulation when it comes to their privacy, according to a new survey conducted by Reconnect Research and CNBC.

For those who’ve been living under rocks (or using MySpace), the social giant has been under scrutiny after recent news surfaced that user data has been allegedly misused by a political analysis firm. Facebook executive Mark Zuckerberg explained they are taking the steps needed to protect their users.

According to the data gathered by Reconnect, the majority believe Facebook will take the appropriate steps needed to secure their data. However, data shows the level of concern surrounding Facebook and user privacy has increased after the news broke out.

Facebook use has actually increased

The survey also showed that despite the public outcry, some users have actually increased their use in the past week, possibly logging in to check their personal security settings.

“I think people are basically optimistic,” said Scott Richards, CEO of Reconnect, in a CNBC report. “They’re optimistic that the company will do anything they need to get it right.”

What is Facebook doing to fix the problem?

In the days since the initial reports, Facebook has rolled out a series of responses. Zuckerberg penned a response in a post on the social media site and the company simplified its privacy page, making it easier for users to access.

While a majority think Facebook’s actions will help secure their data, 84 percent said they’re more concerned about their personal data now than they were a year ago.

Results are based on the responses of 616 Facebook users living in the United States who participated in a phone survey by Reconnect Research conducted between March 23 and March 28, 2018. Respondents were randomly selected. The survey had a margin of error of about 4 percentage points.

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