Gaming industry scores high in brand intimacy—which brands are the leaders?

by | Jan 5, 2023 | Marketing, Public Relations

Gaming brands were ranked for the first time in the 12th annual Brand Intimacy Study from marketing intimacy agency MBLM, and the researchers found Sega Corporation outperformed 20 peers in its category with deeper consumer connections that further elevated the company into a top 10 ranking among all 600 brands in the study.

“The gaming industry—video game companies, publishers, platforms, and technology providers—had a strong debut in our Brand Intimacy Rankings. These brands open passage into foreign worlds where people can meet anyone they want and experience any specific thrills or excitement they want, or users can design entire new worlds based on the experience they want to have,” said Mario Natarelli, managing partner at MBLM, in a news release. “Sega and Nintendo are legacy brands with rich history and huge presence in the gaming industry. More people are using more game brands to do more things, and in the coming years this category will only continue to grow.”

The top gaming rankings in MBLM’s Brand Intimacy Study 2022:

Gaming industry scores high in brand intimacy—which brands are the leaders?

Sega ranked ninth among all 600 brands studied. Nintendo ranked 11 and Netgear, Rockstar, Xbox and PlayStation each made the top 50. MBLM found that the top keyword for Sega was “anticipation,” Nintendo’s top keyword was “hella,” and Netgear’s was “value.”

Gaming was the highest performing category among new industries, which also includes crypto, sports, and beauty. The gaming industry ranked fifth out of 19 industries, behind media & entertainment, tech & telecom, and retail and automotive.

Gaming industry scores high in brand intimacy—which brands are the leaders?

To see more about Sega’s performance, as well as more detail on other gaming brands, MBLM has also released on article, “Gaming Gets Intimate.

The annual study of the emotional connections people have with brands applied artificial intelligence and big data analysis to study more than 1.4 billion words used by consumers on the social web to measure their performance and rank among industry peers and across all categories.

Overall, the study shows that consumers have increased the brands they are forming emotional connections with by 9 percent since the pandemic started. They are also building deeper connections with those brands, as brand performance has increased by 19 percent since COVID, highlighting that people are bonding with brands more deeply.

To download the Brand Intimacy 2022 Study or explore the rankings click here.

To read the study methodology, click here.

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