How currency APIs benefit global businesses in their PR and profitability

by | Dec 21, 2022 | Public Relations

The global currency markets are incredibly important in almost all areas of worldwide trade and politics. We live in an age of alarming inflation, in which the value of national currencies is impacted extremely quickly by events. We also live in a highly globalized society in which businesses regularly expand into new markets abroad and are able to do so with relative ease thanks to the World Wide Web.

Businesses that want to tap into global markets need to offer clients and customers from all areas of the world the ability to see prices in their local currency. In order to achieve this, web and app developers typically incorporate currency Application Programming Interfaces—commonly known as APIs—into their clients’ sites and software.

APIs are software features that enable information to be communicated between multiple sources in real time. Currency APIs typically enable the creation of apps or sites that display real-time currency exchange information or automate the display of a currency local to the person using the product. Here is how these APIs benefit businesses in their public relations and their overall profitability.


In the hospitality industry, many consumers make purchases while abroad. Tourists, traveling businesspeople, and other hospitality customers may make a booking to stay in one country while living in another, or may need to access accurate prices in their own currency when abroad in a country where another currency is listed. Currency APIs enable hospitality businesses to streamline the interactions between them and their overseas customers. The easier a person’s interaction with a company is for them, the easier it is to foster positive public relations.

Forex trading

While forex traders do not typically see themselves as having a need for active public relations, the largest influencers in the field absolutely concern themselves with PR. Traders have reputations to foster—reputations that took a massive blow after the 2008 financial crisis. Traders concern themselves with Public Relations in part because they want their industry to remain relatively stable. Negative press can have a genuine impact on foreign exchange rates. The general public feels strongly against traders that they perceive to be ‘gambling’ with risk without considering the potential impact on the wider economy that they may have. Currency APIs like https://currencyapi.net help traders develop data forecasts that ensure they do not ‘gamble’ so much as make informed investments. The public image of currency traders relies upon perceived stability and security.


Even the smallest ecommerce company has the potential to operate globally. This means that all ecommerce companies need to provide a good user experience to consumers that may want to pay in different currencies. Almost all ecommerce companies commission sites that incorporate some form of currency API. In most cases, these APIs enable the automation of prices displayed according to the IP location of the consumer accessing a website or application. One of the most important ways of improving public relations with overseas customers is to improve clarity – in part by displaying appropriately labelled prices.

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