How to enhance your client’s tech business through PR strategies

by | Aug 18, 2022 | Public Relations

Using PR strategies to make business better for a client may be one of the best parts of your job. However, it can be overwhelming depending on what kind of business the client runs and in which industry they operate. Keep reading for suggestions on how to enhance your client’s tech business through the PR strategies you already know and use. This will be especially helpful if you are new to the PR industry or if you have never had a tech client before.

Understand your client

To figure out the best way to help your client, you must first understand who they are, what they do, and what their mission is. For example, knowing what is SSL and any immediately related subjects before you jump into discussing strategies is a must, as it will help you pinpoint what needs to be done and what the client will most benefit from.

Take tech to social media

Everyone is on social media, and a good social media campaign can boost clicks and sales like nothing else. However, depending on the audience your tech company is trying to reach, there will be some significant changes that will need to be made to the jargon used. Most average people will not understand most of the language used in tech, and therefore will be hesitant to purchase something from them if the ads and descriptions used are full of that jargon because they will not know if they are getting what they need, and nobody wants to have to search what everything means before they make a purchase. Simplifying everything for the general public and using said simplified language, along with eye-catching images and customer testimonials in the posts, your client will see more engagement and traffic.

Higher interaction with customers

Once customers start paying attention, they will be interacting with any social media posts, forums and comment sections that they can. Your client can take advantage of this by asking for suggestions on how to make things better as well as host polls on what they want to see next. As with any other industry, the customer has the power in many ways, from what they choose to spend their money on to the reviews they leave. Your client will benefit from having their own team to answer any questions, comments and concerns that customers have. If they already have a team for this, it would be beneficial for them to tailor it and have more specific departments to answer more obscure questions, as once your client gains more attention, what they have already will most likely not be enough.

Rebrand and relaunch

In the worst-case scenario, your client will need to announce their presence in a huge way, and one of the biggest ways to do this is to completely throw out what they have already and start anew instead of incorporating strategies that they already had. This option might come as a shock to the client, and will involve a lot more work, but if done correctly, the reward outweighs the risk. Rebranding gives the client the chance to find what they were missing before and also lets them reintroduce themselves to the world as bigger, better, and exactly what their audience is looking for.

Having a tech business as a client can be very daunting, and the first one is always going to be the most difficult. Keep this article in mind the first or next time you get a tech business as a client so you have a roadmap. Sometimes going back to the basics is exactly what is needed. If you have already implemented all of these strategies, the only place left to go is up.

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