How to reach and persuade voters in 2020 and beyond

by | Oct 30, 2020 | Public Relations

One of the oldest forms of advertisement and self-promotion comes in the form of politics, with politicians looking to advance their careers with the use of marketing firms that promise to expand their visibility in their local community. For over 200 years, this has been the case in the US and across the world, leading to a highly developed ecosystem of solutions to help politicians get the votes they need to acquire power. Here are some of the most effective visibility boosts for politicians in the modern era.

Direct mail and SMS

When you’re trying to get your message across to voters, you’ll need to do it in a personal manner. In general, the electorate doesn’t appreciate being talked to as a kind of amorphous blob. Voters prefer to be addressed personally and with the respect they feel serves individuals and families.

That’s why direct mail, emails, and SMS text messages are so important in politics. You can address them directly to the recipient and they land directly in the inboxes of the constituents that you care about the most. As with email and direct mail, it’s easy to organize a bulk SMS for political campaign that’ll reach hundreds of thousands of key voters and get your profile into the inboxes, and thus the minds, of your constituents.

Posters and flyers

The political world is at once incredibly modern and relatively traditional. That’s why you see huge spend on digital marketing strategies that the ordinary consumer or citizen in America will not understand. But then you also have millions of flyers printed and handed out every day in the final march to election day.

There’s clearly still a place for the poster or the flyer; indeed, it’s with billboards and small hand-outs that you’ll capture the attention of a local area that might be absolutely key to your election or re-election. That’s why you’ll often find some neighborhoods — swing areas — decorated in the colors of political parties, while other ‘safe seats’ are relatively unmarked by posters or flyers.


This is a form of marketing that politicians still regard as incredibly important. Since the time of JFK and his charming messages to voters across the airwaves, television marketing in politics has been on a long and contentious journey, with both false promises, and false claims, directed during campaigns. In any case, they’re viewed by millions, and are often the campaign materials that leave the deepest impressions with voters.

Furthermore, the spend and energies that you devote to television marketing can also be used online by digitizing your advert and sharing it across your different social media channels. In this way, you’ll esquire your advert as seen on demand, and by even more consumers, compounding the impact of your very best television marketing campaigns.

Advertising in the political sphere is all about capturing attention and persuading voters that you deserve their trust. This piece offers advice on the three main methods of getting through to voters from the personal message through to the mass medium of the television.

Steve Conway
Steve Conway is a content marketing professional and inbound marketing expert. Previously, Steve worked as a marketing manager for a tech software start-up. He is passionate about discovering new software that will that will advance his already well-honed digital marketing techniques.


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