ICYMI: Bulldog’s most popular posts from November

by | Dec 13, 2019 | Public Relations

With another holiday season in full throttle, it was no surprise that one of our holiday kick-off posts logged the most clicks in November—but a little surprising that none of the rest of the month’s top articles were holiday-related. Oh well, our most trafficked posts did include some sharp submissions from our contributing writers, and overviews of some terrific and insightful research reports.

Hot topics for our contributors last month included: why media interactions should always be considered “on the record”; the bottom-line benefits of press releases; a look back at Nike’s crisis-filled year in 2019; how to better integrate PR with larger marketing goals; and some particularly inspiring influencer marketing case studies. Meanwhile, Animoto took a deep dive into social video trends, and Forrester unveiled a rather ominous look ahead at business in 2020.

In case you missed a few of these, here’s your chance to catch up:

Holiday PR prep—5 major trends that will affect brick-and-mortar sales this season

Yes, it’s jingle jangle time again in retail land, and brick-and-mortar marketers are always curious to see what the season will bring in this age of shifting shopping habits—and what they need to do to lure shoppers to their stores.

Media relations mentoring—it’s all on the record, all the time

Even though tech advances might indicate the rules don’t matter anymore, they still do in many situations—and it’s still necessary to know the rules of engagement while speaking to reporters.

Press releases—the most surprisingly beneficial sales tool in PR’s playbook

When ARPR embarked on gathering data for a new marketing report, I expected to see how impactful media is on lead generation. What I didn’t expect was the full power of press releases.

When is crisis a four-letter word? Just ask Nike.

Crisis communications befell Nike this year when the sports apparel manufacturer rang up not one, but two crises. Managing one can be an onerous task, but two? Here’s how it went down.

7 steps to a modern PR plan that works with marketing strategy

We live in the digital world where PR overlaps with other channels of communication, content marketing in particular. But way too many PR agencies fail to notice the change. Take a look.

Social video trends—new study foresees growing demand for video marketing in 2020

New research from marketing video firm Animoto investigates how video is changing the landscape of social media, influencing consumer purchase decisions, and revamping marketers’ approach to social media marketing.

As influencer marketing gets more sophisticated, comms pros expand strategy, investments

Due to the increasing interconnectedness of the 2 billion people now on social media, influencer marketing has become a non-negotiable marketing tactic for brands. And as the practice grows, so do the options for communicators.

5 inspiring cases of successful influencer marketing campaigns

If brands are ready to pay thousands of dollars so that an influencer mentions their product, it must be working. Here are 5 inspiring cases of such successful influencer marketing campaigns.

Re-energizing client relationships—9 steps to success

Everyone in business knows that it’s easier (and cheaper) to keep a current client than to land a new one. So why do so many in the service business not have a proven track record to do so?

11 huge changes await businesses in 2020—Forrester’s eye-opening report reveals all

With a new, election-charged year just over the horizon, biz and comms execs are preparing to face the changes ahead—and hoping to get a strategic jump on some of the key issues. This new report spells it out in bleak detail.

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