ICYMI: Bulldog’s Top 10 most popular posts in August

by | Sep 15, 2023 | Public Relations

Summer may be slipping away, but Bulldog traffic remains red hot. August was another stellar month, with near-record site visitor numbers, and lots of thought-provoking content in our original research-based articles and contributed content. Hot tactics-focused topics included tips for creating your unique brand identity, insights into strategies for proving PR’s ROI, how to automate influencer marketing campaigns, how to conduct a thorough crisis post-mortem, and key metrics to watch when measuring and tracking campaign performance.

Strategic insights were the focus of other posts, such as evolving PR strategies that will lead us through the ongoing digital age, how brands are responding to consumer demands for more inclusion of persons with disabilities in their marketing efforts, why Wikipedia belongs in your comms playbook, and why executives are pushing back on generative AI-adoption pressure. In case you missed a few of these, here are our Top 10 posts from August. 

3 evolving PR strategies that will dominate the digital age

As consumer demands for online brands increase, we’re looking at a future of hyper-personalization, multi-device media and creative campaigning. Let’s have a closer look at three hot PR strategies dominating the new digital age.

6 steps to creating a unique brand identity in a competitive market in 2023

When most people scrape themselves, they ask for a Band-Aid instead of a bandage. Iconic brands like Band-Aid have mastered the concept of brand positioning. So how do you create one of your own? These 6 steps are a good start.

Unraveling the ROI mystery: PR’s pursuit of measurable impact comes to the forefront

The intangible nature of PR results presents a challenge. These 7 strategies provide concrete methods to measure PR’s ROI, giving you the tools you need to showcase PR’s true value in a way that resonates with decision-makers.

Consumers and employees want more inclusion of people with disabilities in brand marketing

Employees and consumers want companies to be inclusive of people with disabilities in brand marketing and advertising—and they will view these companies more favorably, trust them more, and do more business with them.

Learn from this crisis or it will repeat: A thorough post-mortem after a crisis may prevent the next one

Thankfully your brand’s crisis has subsided—but that shouldn’t be the end of the ordeal for your crisis team. What did you learn? A crisis post-mortem can help you ensure it doesn’t happen again. Here’s what you need to know.

Why do PR pros struggle with Wikipedia? Here’s why it belongs in your comms playbook

Wikipedia isn’t the first platform that comes to mind for PR, but no single source of information is referenced more frequently, and no other web result does more to shape perceptions of people, companies, and brands in the news.

Execs push back on top-down demand to adopt generative AI, citing consequential concerns about trust, bias, data complexity and skills gap

Executives at large enterprises around the world are facing unprecedented pressure to adopt generative AI into their business operations, and although 4 in 5 of execs trust that GenAI can boost their company’s offerings, most say more work needs to be done.

A guide to automating influencer marketing campaigns for PR

Finding and working with the right influencers is no easy feat. The task requires research and deft relationship management. Luckily you can automate your influencer marketing campaigns for your PR efforts. Here’s how to do it.

New research sheds new light on the disconnect between leaders’ DEI claims and what employees are seeing—and why they both might be right

Is DEI getting better in the business world? It seems to depend on who you ask—although leaders say they’re committed to and investing in DEI, many employees say they haven’t seen any changes. This new research seems to have tracked down the disconnect.

Tips for measuring and tracking PR campaigns—5 key metrics to watch

Your PR strategy must include tracking campaign performance and measuring the results, but the process itself is not always straightforward. Here are five top metrics to track and how you should measure them to gain proper insights.

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