ICYMI: Bulldog’s Top 10 most popular posts in December

by | Jan 7, 2022 | Public Relations

Happy New Year! Although December is typically a slower-moving month for content, that didn’t stop Bulldog from racking up some terrific numbers for our posts last month. As per usual, our year-in-review and new year forecasts led the pack for December posts, along with some timely news analysis of the Peloton and Alec Baldwin crises.

Other top-ranking posts included how to avoid common PR mistakes, some must-know SEO hacks to boost your rankings, content creation challenges, the rising importance of brand purpose, and our monthly “PR Profiles” podcast featuring Flackable founder Brian Hart.

In case you missed some of these, we have bundled them for you here. Looking forward to another great year of Bulldog content!

Peloton shows how to swiftly navigate a PR crisis—just like that

In the season premiere of the Sex and The City reboot, Carrie Bradshaw’s beau, Mr. Big, hops on his Peloton for the 1,000th time. Crisis soon happened, but the brand had a world-class response.

PR in 2022: 4 predictions for the year ahead

As 2021 comes to a close, the world continues to evolve, and PR is changing along with it. And while it’s hard to see everything ahead, here are four key areas that I think we’ll see more of in the new year.

7 common PR mistakes your brand needs to avoid

The PR world can be a little unforgiving. Bad blunders can sour relationships with media for an entire work generation. To prevent this from happening, make sure you avoid these common mistakes.

PR Profiles: A Conversation with Brian Hart, Founder and President of Flackable 

Brian uses credibility marketing to leverage media hits into something bigger. “We look at quality coverage as a means to a greater end—one that integrates into a client’s marketing strategies.”

8 must-know SEO hacks to rocket your rankings

Is your business struggling to reach customers? That’s probably because of poor SEO practices. The good news is that you can skyrocket your rankings with these easy SEO hacks. Take a look.

What does 2022 have in store for influencer marketing? Here are 5 predictions.

With the market only expected to grow, it’s critical to understand how the trends we saw in 2021 will inevitably impact the future of influencer marketing. Here are the top five trends we will see in 2022.

Brand purpose is driving purchase decisions, yet many struggle to put purpose into practice

While consumers are increasingly wary of “purpose signaling,” their expectation that brands have a positive impact on society remains high. But many brands can’t figure out how to turn their purpose intentions into action.

Media coverage essentials—3 key components of pitching strategy

When companies can’t get media coverage, they have a more difficult time building brand awareness, getting exposure, and increasing their credibility. Here’s how to tone up your pitching strategy.

When crisis PR goes wrong: Alec Baldwin’s misguided response

Baldwin’s statement that he would have never pointed a firearm at another person likely hurt his reputation a lot more than it helped him, and that may have permanently damaged his public image.

Content creation: Half of companies outsource content, but quality is a persistent challenge

As marketers are aware, there are viable content creation options beyond your internal team. How do companies choose their content providers, how do they measure quality, and what challenges do they face working with external creators?

Richard Carufel
Richard Carufel is editor of Bulldog Reporter and the Daily ’Dog, one of the web’s leading sources of PR and marketing communications news and opinions. He has been reporting on the PR and communications industry for over 17 years, and has interviewed hundreds of journalists and PR industry leaders. Reach him at richard.carufel@bulldogreporter.com; @BulldogReporter


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