ICYMI: Bulldog’s Top 10 most popular posts in July

by | Aug 11, 2023 | Public Relations

As the summer rolls along, so too did Bulldog Reporter in July, racking up big traffic numbers second only to our huge June this year. Thanks to our cadre of contributors for their eye-opening insights and interesting takes, which largely drove the clicks!

Among the topics tackled by these excellent writers were tips for incorporating data-driven insights into your brand’s thought leadership, as well as some great insights into why your thought leader campaigns may be stalling out, despite the expertise and influence of your smart colleagues. Other posts discussed getting the most mileage out of your media coverage and growing your business as a result, creating a powerful personal brand, an overview of digital tools that can propel your PR strategy, how PR must assume the onus of developing ethical AI guidelines, and some smart tips for better client acquisition.

The leading news and research-based posts in July offered a fresh take on successful leadership as Gen Z enters the workforce, and how brand leaders can take advocacy action on important societal issues. In case you missed a few of these posts, we’ve gathered our Top 10 right here. Enjoy the rest of the summer!

5 tips for using data-driven thought leadership to power your full PR program

Communications professionals who want to catch a journalist’s eye for either their brand or their clients in today’s crowded media landscape must reimagine their thought leadership efforts to be more data-driven. Here are 5 tips.

How to grow your business by amplifying your media coverage

When you have a great new piece of coverage, who should see it first? Far too few realize that what you do with media coverage is key to unlocking the ROI of PR. Terrific insights here on the ways your published content can be used.

Creating a personal brand for the room where it happens—key tips and insights

In a world that feeds on streams, tweets, posts, stories and TikToks, building a personal brand should be easier than ever. But having free reign to influence can be incredibly overwhelming. These insights will help you figure it out.

5 digital marketing tools to help you develop a robust PR strategy

PR professionals and marketers face challenges with enhancing their business reputation in a crowded marketplace. Here are 5 digital marketing tools to supercharge your strategy and help you achieve unparalleled success.

4 tips to get the most out of public relations for your company

PR is not only an excellent investment for the short term but is also a vital cog in the machine of longevity and continued success for brands and businesses. With that said, here are four top tips to get the most of your PR efforts.

Are you doing thought leadership right? These 4 steps and insights will help you

Only 1 in 4 comms pros say their current thought leadership program is successful—even though their organization’s thought leaders are insightful and loaded with expertise. What’s going wrong? Here’s the answer you’re looking for.

Building trust in the age of AI: Why PR pros must prioritize ethical guidelines

AI is clearly here to stay, but PR needs to address the ethical aspect of using this advanced tool in everyday work. Otherwise, the industry may lose trust and face serious backlash affecting its reputation. Terrific insights here.

New business generation: 7 smart tips for better PR client acquisition

Client acquisition is the lifeblood of any business, but this applies in particular to the PR industry, where building and maintaining solid client-facing relationships is vital. Here are 7 smart tips for generating new PR business.

It’s no joke: With leadership expectations and employee needs often at odds, new study finds humor may be the key to bridging the gap 

Today’s leaders are facing unprecedented workplace challenges, balancing the disparate needs of multiple generations while engaging in a cultural power war that often pits them against Gen Z employees. Peppercomm suggests a novel leadership tool: humor.

New research finds most leaders view societal issues as ‘urgent’ concerns for business—and offers 4 ways to turn action into results

Brand purpose is an ever-evolving concept, and no business leader would deny that expectations about the role of business in society are changing dramatically. Here are 4 ways to take action and turn it into economically sustainable performance.

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