ICYMI: Bulldog’s top posts for August

by | Sep 6, 2019 | Public Relations

It was the dog days of summer, and we had a pretty hot month, too! Eye-opening research reports went hand-in-hand with some terrific insights from Bulldog contributors to steer the ship in August, and even though we took a vacation week early in the month (our first “dark week” ever!), we still racked up some nice numbers as we get ready to roll into the fall months and the always-busy holiday season.

What grabbed eyeballs in August? Cool coverage of recent research into the value of earned media (which complemented our mega-successful “Earned Media Mastery” summit on Aug. 22—access passes are still available), the leading causes of “unfollows,” and the latest headache for traditional media outlets. Contributing writers opined on topics like building a strong brand on Instagram, hidden biz-busting PR dilemmas, critical qualities of PR leaders, and more. If you weren’t able to read them all last month, here’s your chance to catch up:

Strength outside the spotlight—7 must-have qualities for PR leaders

Most PR leaders work behind the scenes and don’t get their share of recognition. Although they remain largely unseen, strong PR leaders are essential to every org and are distinguished by 7 qualities.

Where do teens get their news? The answer may not be good news for traditional media

The teen trends of today are often indicators of the leading trends of tomorrow throughout the general population, and new research paints a bleak picture for traditional media outlets, even those making adjustments in the digital age.

7 hidden PR dilemmas hindering your business’ growth

These days, if your company makes a mistake, then it’ll be all over Facebook and Twitter before you know it. And now that social networking is mainstream, companies of all shapes and sizes are at risk.

3 ways video can transform your company’s PR strategy

When it comes to using video for business purposes, many often glance over how it can benefit the PR team. Curious exactly how video fits into your PR efforts? Take a look at these insights.

Despite fake news concerns, consumers say earned media drives brand awareness best

The proliferation of fake news is exacerbating the distrust of media coverage and the brands associated with it. But many consumers still say a digital news article is typically how they hear about new products and services online.

From astrology to digital detoxes, social overload is shifting Gen Z and Millennial behavior

New research explores how overindulgence in social and digital media has transformed our human relationships—while unearthing how brands can break through at a time when many are trying to break up with their screens.

Why are brands’ social media fans unfollowing them—and what can they do about it?

New research reveals that nearly 4 out of every 5 people have recently unfollowed a brand or person on social media. The majority seem to turn away when they are no longer interested, or if they start seeing irrelevant content. How do you keep them engaged?

5 tips to design highly effective corporate social responsibility campaigns

CSR campaigns are on the rise as brands explore how they can stand out in a crowded, noisy marketplace, position themselves apart from their competition and make a statement with consumers.

Top insider tips for building a strong brand on Instagram

Instagram is enjoying the biggest growth rate of all social platforms. Nowadays, pretty much anyone can build a brand there, but to build a strong brand worth following—that’s a different story.

Decision-makers speak out: Content works best when it’s actionable—how to get yours thereThe concept of “content” has metamorphasized in the digital age—what once passed as pure text has evolved into a sophisticated production. Usefulness is still the main goal, but there are several other dynamics in play. Take a look.

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