Marketing copy essentials—3 guiding principles in review

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Marketing, Public Relations

Marketing copy is anything written by a company that’s meant to attract consumers to the business.

When it comes to writing good marketing copy for digital PR, there are three basic principles. And these three principles can apply to businesses looking to convince the audience the company is the best in the industry, businesses working to sell products, or businesses trying to increase brand awareness.

As long as companies follow these three basics every time they write marketing copy for their business, they will end up with good content that can easily produce their desired results and achieve their goals.

The first basic for whoever is trying to write a good marketing and public relations copy is to always have their people in mind when writing the copy. Because the copy has to cater to the readers’ needs, wants, and cares. These days, consumers don’t have a lot of time to pay attention to different things, which means the attention span of the general public is just a few seconds. Those few seconds are necessary to make a good impression on the target audience without focusing on the business itself.

For example, when a consumer is presented with a description of everything the company has achieved in the past, they will not be interested in reading further. However, if the call to action or a valuable offer is the first thing they see, their interest will be piqued, and they will want to know more about that offer.

Writing copy isn’t just about choosing to string some words in a sentence and then presenting that statement to the world—it’s a much longer and more complicated process than that. To get to the best version of the copy, there have to be several drafts beforehand, with each one sounding better than the last. The text has to be checked for interest, punctuation, grammar, and then double- or even triple-checked.

By the time the copy is presented to the audience, it should be reviewed several times to make sure it sounds and looks good and that it’s efficient and attention-grabbing.

The last marketing copy essential is the call to action, which some beginners can easily overlook or overemphasize. Every single piece of marketing copy should always have a call to action—it can be as simple as a ‘Click Here’ or an ‘Add to Cart’ button or as complicated as “Nine out of ten experts recommend…”, implying that if the consumer followed that advice, they would get the same result.

The consumer must be instructed on what action they should take for the business, whether done overtly or subtly. Otherwise, they have a high chance of getting lost in their buying journey and never purchasing at all.

Ronn Torossian
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