Mastering customer intelligence—here are the key steps

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Public Relations

Listening to your customers from a business perspective is much more than just listening—it’s more about building better and long-term consumer relationships, asserts new research from market intelligence solutions firm Infiniti Research, which recently announced the completion of their most recent whitepaper on the top five steps to mastering customer intelligence.

According to the experts at Infiniti, “Customer intelligence offers a complete and flexible understanding of customers, which comes from collecting, contextualizing, and evaluating data from several sources.”

In digital marketing, it is essential to understand customers as it helps companies to make real-world business decisions based on customer insights. There is an urgent requirement to anticipate the needs of the customers as they will not always voice their needs—therefore, understanding the customers plays a vital role in predicting their needs.

A good customer intelligence solution offers a clear picture of the customers and informs, guides, and advises leaders as they make critical decisions. Infiniti has listed the top steps to mastering customer intelligence in a new report so that you can have a broader customer understanding to drive revenue and growth.

Mastering customer intelligence—here are the key steps

Top steps to mastering customer intelligence:

Combining art and science

Every organization conducts customer survey as it is crucial for the organization. Adding a customer feedback mechanism will always help companies to conduct such surveys and set standards. This customer feedback mechanism should be able to capture the exact customer comments and gain valuable insights to increase customer satisfaction.

Use smart metrics to monitor your customer data in real-time

Examining customer data provides valuable insights so identifying the right metric is important. Feedback solutions that show transactional data at several touch points in real-time help organizations to keep track of their business processes.

It’s essential to close the loop

We can bring about a substantial difference in improving the customer’s experience by following-up on negative customer feedback. It is advisable to set up action management process by organizations to meet deadlines to follow up on alerts.

Download the full report here.

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