Most businesses now create video in-house—how’s your video library looking?

by | Oct 3, 2019 | Public Relations

Video has clearly been shown to be the content format of choice for consumers, but many businesses have struggled with the logistics of creating video vs. the cost of outsourcing video production. But new research from creative portfolio website Visual Objects reveals that video creation is now a mainstream process—and accessible for businesses of all sizes.

Almost two-thirds of businesses who use video marketing (63 percent) create their videos in-house, according to the firm’s latest report—and videos, once challenging and expensive to produce, are now as efficient and cost-effective as other forms of content.

The latest Visual Objects report offers production tips from Samantha Russell, chief marketing and business development officer at software company Twenty Over Ten, and who works for one of the 63 percent of businesses who produce videos in-house. Her guides for digital marketers, filmed on her smartphone, show just how easy it can be for businesses to use videos to drive engagement.

Most businesses now create video in-house—how’s your video library looking?

The firm surveyed 501 businesses who use inbound marketing as their primary marketing strategy to understand how companies incorporate video into their efforts. The report is a data-driven, step-by-step guide for businesses looking to begin a video marketing strategy that will guide users through the inbound marketing sales funnel.

Businesses most frequently create how-to videos to personally connect with audiences

Nearly 1 in 5 businesses (19 percent) most often create how-to videos, which offer brief explanations of a business’s products or services, showing users how to use or do something rather than telling them in a lengthy blog post.

Most businesses now create video in-house—how’s your video library looking?

Russell films how-to guides for digital marketing on her smartphone and posts them to LinkedIn, where they receive high numbers of views and clicks. She attributes her videos’ success to their homemade quality. “We found the rawer the videos are, the highest engagement they get,” Russell said, according to the report.

Most businesses now create video in-house—how’s your video library looking?

Video production agencies allow businesses to create more sophisticated content

Despite the ease of in-house video production, 16 percent of businesses hire freelancers to create video content, and 12 percent hire video production agencies, which help businesses create videos that are more technically sophisticated, with features such as animation and special effects for an elevated, professional feel.

The survey found that larger agencies are more likely to hire outside experts for video production needs. Businesses must consider their marketing budgets before investing in professional services.

Marketing automation tools can help businesses promote videos

The report recommends that businesses use marketing automation tools to promote their videos on social media and in email marketing.

  • Almost one-quarter of businesses who use inbound marketing (21 percent) use HubSpot marketing automation tools to streamline their marketing processes.
  • Marketing automation tools can schedule social media posts to promote videos across channels. Marketers can also use the tools to track their videos’ performance over time.
  • Marketers should also use SEO for videos. Targeting keywords in titles and including transcriptions of videos in description boxes can help companies who want their videos to rank on Google and YouTube.

Read the full survey report here.

Most businesses now create video in-house—how’s your video library looking?

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