The new influencers: The power of employee social advocacy

As more and more brands recognize the value of influencer marketing programs, many are not only looking outwards but also inwards to identify game-changing influencers within their organizations who will drive reach and relevance. In fact, 90 percent of brands say they are currently pursuing an employee advocacy program.

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Employee-driven advocacy opens the door for companies to connect and interact with fresh new audiences in a credible and authentic way. Studies have confirmed that consumers respond much better to branded content shared by their family, friends and social media contacts than to traditional digital advertising. And considering that 72 percent of users look to their social media contacts for recommendations when purchasing goods and services, the effectiveness of using employees’ social connections to drive brand awareness and engagement is reasonably high.

Employee advocacy platform SocialReacher has created the infographic below to highlight key insights about the power of employee advocacy to boost social media marketing efforts in today’s content-crowded world.

The power of employee social advocacy

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