Nielsen introduces new audience-targeted podcast marketplace

by | Jul 18, 2017 | Public Relations

According to a recent survey from podcasting brand Panoply Media, half of all podcast listeners report buying products advertised on the programs. However, advertisers haven’t taken advantage of this opportunity with customized messaging. But now, media giant Nielsen has announced that Panoply has selected its Data Management Platform (DMP) to power in part its Megaphone Targeted Marketplace, which introduces audience targeting to podcasting for the first time.

Nielsen will provide Panoply with advanced consumer insights and audience segmentation, enabling its advertising partners to tailor their messages to specific podcast audiences, thereby increasing message relevance and campaign performance.

Panoply’s work with Nielsen offers a quantum leap in podcast metrics. The Nielsen DMP enables Panoply to anonymously connect listeners to all of their devices and their households, and offers a wide spectrum of Nielsen audience data that reveals listener interests, demo-, geo- and psychographics, the media they consume, and their online and mobile behavior.

“Apple will soon be providing an unprecedented look at the behavior of podcast listeners, including when they skip ads and stop listening to episodes,” said Jason Cox, Panoply’s CTO, in a news release. “That makes our work with Nielsen a crucial tool for creators and advertisers. The Panoply Megaphone Targeted Marketplace will now be able to build detailed, anonymized profiles of listeners across a wide range of shows. Finally, podcasters have real clarity into who’s listening.”

Advertisers can now segment and target podcast listening audiences across a wide range of shows at a degree of accuracy unavailable until now. This works across all podcasting apps, including Apple Podcasts and other third party podcast apps. Additionally, this enhanced audience data will be available to the many non-Panoply podcast networks that use Megaphone as their hosting and technology platform.

“We are excited to bring podcast advertising into the age of personalized, audience-based marketing by providing Panoply a level of data access, consumer analytics and data management capabilities only the Nielsen Marketing Cloud can provide,” said Damian Garbaccio, EVP of Nielsen Marketing Cloud, in the release. “Our omnichannel data insights provide advertisers with detailed and actionable information on people’s affinities, personalities, purchase behavior and media preferences.  They can leverage this big and smart data to inform their podcast marketing strategy, create highly personalized content and run campaigns that resonate more with listeners.”

“With its highly-engaged audience, podcasting presents advertisers with an unparalleled opportunity to connect and engage with listeners in a way no other digital platform can,” said Brendan Monaghan, CEO of Panoply, in the release. “Nielsen Marketing Cloud gives us direct access to a remarkable breadth and depth of audience data.  This helps us enhance the value of our audience and enables our advertisers and podcasting partners to run audience-targeted campaigns for the first time in podcasting.”

Nielsen is committed to consumer privacy, making consumers aware of how their data is being used, and providing the ability to opt-out of targeted advertising. Consumers will receive notice and have the ability to opt out of targeted advertising via a link included in the descriptions of podcasts the user downloads.

Richard Carufel
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