PR books of summer 2017—what are you reading?

by | Aug 10, 2017 | Analysis, Public Relations

Every quarter, the team at Gotham PR takes on a new reading assignment to harness the power of business publications to meet client aspirations, strategic objectives and to communicate in alignment with today’s market realities.

The most recent titles that resonate with us are ones that manifest fresh thinking in public relations, business development, marketing and professional growth.

We recommend each for their unique perspective on the genre of shaping narrative, setting and meeting objectives and looking at things through a creatively designed lens.

Much attention has been paid to the Thrive movement, for good reason. The times call for increased attention to positive productivity and approaches to the workplace.

This particular focus is one of our favorite listicles of summer via Thrive Global, given its focus on career, work-life balance and reaching even higher goals. The piece highlights how success is more often than not a mindset, instead of a secret formula.

​Throughout the year, Gotham PR has published several thought pieces referencing Emotional Agility by PhD, Susan David, Emotional Intelligence by Travis Bradberry and How Emotions are Made by Lisa Feldman Barrett. Each book offers huge ramifications for how communication, management and strategy align when these factors are acknowledged and leveraged on behalf of teams.

For example, David’s Emotional Agility focuses on our everyday thoughts and emotions and how they are the single most determinant factor in our success—driving our entire career paths.

Similarly, How Emotions are Made, by Feldman Barrett, emphasizes the science behind emotion and by understanding how the human brain works, we can revolutionize our ability to grow professionally.

​Of particular interest from the vantage point of business development, branding, planning and repositioning are the titles Originals: How Non Conformists Move The World by Adam Grant and Perennial Seller: The Art of Making & Marketing Work That Lasts by Ryan Holiday.

It is a common goal of those people in the creative realms to cultivate work that lasts and similarly, this is true of great agencies and teams as well. Truly coming together to make something impactful is something that successful agencies strive for every day.

In Grant’s book, the premise revolves around the mindset of leaders and how they refuse to conform to societal norms and ways of thinking. He stresses that the championing of new ideas is a skill that is vastly underrated in today’s workplace and is additionally is not a skill everyone has.

Likewise, in Perennial Seller, Holiday underlines the importance of setting goals, diligence and building a career in what you love. By way of these things, the groundwork is laid for goals that are not only attainable but fit your personal style of work.

As the summer endures, take a moment to reflect with one or all of the pieces shared. The information could have a long-lasting and inspiring effect on both client and agency side dynamic.

As a continuation of the current topic, Lukitsch and Gotham PR will publish a forthcoming coaching and mentoring book highlighting both client and agency side topics. The book is scheduled to publish in early 2018.

Courtney Lukitsch
Courtney Lukitsch is Founder and Principal at Gotham PR, with offices in in New York and London.


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