PR pulse: How genuine is American support for racial justice?

by | Jun 22, 2020 | Public Relations

An overwhelming majority of Americans indicate they are sympathetic to the cause of the nationwide protests via a variety of polls. But is that support a sign of genuine commitment—or is it more like lip service?

A recent survey about consumer behavior, attitudes and beliefs from marketing research firm Relevation Research found Americans to be strongly behind the cause of social justice, to have explicitly changed actions and to have begun a serious process of introspection and education about the issues confronting people of color.

PR pulse: Is American support for racial justice genuine?

The new research reveals that 44 percent of Americans strongly sympathize/support the cause of social justice with another 25 percent somewhat sympathizing/supporting. That sympathy and support has taken the form of heightening awareness and motivation for change.

“It’s pretty easy to sit at home and check a box that says you support the cause of social justice, so we wanted to dig a little deeper and find out whether any sincere changes in behavior were taking place, as well as understand the characteristics of those supporting,” said Allison Kranz, research director at Relevation Research, in a news release.

PR pulse: Is American support for racial justice genuine?

“We found an increase of 1 in 5 Americans sympathetic to the cause newly donating to social justice organizations, participating or joining activist groups/communities, and voting for candidates with a platform of racial equality,” Kranz added. “Right now, over 65 percent claim to be actively listening/engaging in conversations about the issues facing people of color. The profile of supporters looks like the population at large crossing all ages, ethnicities and geographies.”

Relevation Research, a Barrington, IL based, surveyed 650 nationally representative online consumers 18+ in June.

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