PR tips for building a strong email list

by | Sep 29, 2020 | Analysis, Public Relations

For many brands and corporations, with the rise of social media platforms and many other digital channels, email marketing has been put in the backseat, even though it was a very popular strategy in the past. However, this still rings true today, and email is just as powerful as it used to be. The only condition is that businesses take advantage of it the right way. Having a strong email list is the key element to bringing in plenty of new business for a company.

Email marketing tools

It’s far too easy to get confused when it comes to email marketing, but the great thing is that these days, there are countless email marketing tools that can help businesses stay organized and on top of things. While there are certainly many that require payment, plenty of them offer some of their resources on a free plan, at least until the email list itself grows enough to require more than the basics can offer.

These tools allow businesses to make every single email campaign a positive experience for the subscribers, and help in storing all email marketing content, as well as any necessary information about the email list.

Joining forms

Plenty of customers are looking to join an email list when they find a business that they’re particularly interested in, and businesses should take note and make the effort to keep those people. The best way to turn them away is by not having an opt-in form to begin with, or by making the entire sign up process too complicated for them.

The best way to go about it is to have the form displayed on the home page, to prevent users from getting lost in all of the other content on the website. Such positioning also makes it more likely for them to sign up.

Offer incentives

Everyone loves some free stuff every now and then. By offering a smaller price or a discount when telling customers that they should enter their email address into a box offers them an incentive, and makes random visitors a lot more willing to join an email list.

However, the discount should also be worth the customer’s time. If a customer doesn’t feel like it’s worth it, it becomes a lot easier for them to ignore it.

Advertise on social media

As mentioned above, social media platforms play a big role in digital marketing and digital PR for all businesses these days. This means that these platforms are also a way for businesses to promote and advertise their email lists to get other potential visitors and customers to join them.

However, just as with the last point, the audience needs to have a good reason to join the email list. Otherwise, the effort on the part of the business will be wasted. This is why talking about the benefits that the visitor is going to get by joining, such as exclusive content and sales, will make them more interested in joining the email list.

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