Product-launch PR—consumers cite the innovations they value most

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Independent market research firm BrandSpark International recently announced the winners of its 2018 Best New Product Awards, where consumers voted for the products they value most.

You can see the winners below, but in addition to these top product rankings, the org’s American Shopper Study provides additional insight into the minds of today’s consumers.

Some highlights from this year’s survey are:

Shoppers try new products from the brands they trust, but are less brand loyal

The study reveals that 7 in 10 Americans try new products from brands they consider among their most trusted. At the same time, 2 in 5 say they are less brand loyal than they were a few years ago, while just 1 in 5 are more brand loyal.

Peer reviews are the new word of mouth helping Americans make better purchase decisions

“Shoppers are increasingly looking to the endorsement of consumers to determine which products are best,” said Robert Levy, president and CEO of BrandSpark and founder of the Best New Product Awards, in a news release.

According to the study, 65 percent of consumers say they generally trust consumer reviewsß∑ to help guide their purchasing decisions, while almost 70 percent trust consumer-voted awards to help them identify the best products to try.

Americans embrace innovation

“7 in 10 Americans say they like trying new products,” said Levy. “This number has remained steady since we started the Best New Product Awards in the United States 10 years ago.”

He also added that countless new product launches challenge consumers to determine what to buy. “While shoppers are interested in new products, it can be hard for them to determine what new innovations are worth their money,” he said. “The study reveals that 3 in 5 shoppers say they will pay more for a new product if they believe it is going to be better.”

What Americans seek in new products

With so many of us pressed for time, 2 in 3 shoppers say they look for new products that will make their lives ‘easier.’

Another category that resonates with shoppers is natural food products: 3 in 4 shoppers place value on ‘natural’ food claims, including products that are free of hormones, antibiotics and have no artificial flavors. Meanwhile, 75 percent agree that taste remains the most important factor in their food purchase decisions.

“When manufacturers successfully combine incrementally-improved nutrition with great taste, they may have a BNPA winner on their hands,” said Levy.

According to the study, 9 in 10 shoppers seek beauty and personal care products that are ‘gentle on skin.’

“Beauty shoppers won’t compromise on great results, and the key to victory for beauty winners in the BNPAs continues to be superior effectiveness,” Levy added.

Results from the study also suggest consumers see equal value in drugstore beauty brands as more expensive ones. “60 percent of beauty shoppers say products from the best drugstore beauty brands are just as effective as those from more expensive brands. And, 7 in 10 beauty shoppers say consumer endorsements influence their purchase of a new beauty product,” Levy said.

Award-winning new products

The Best New Product Awards (BNPAs) cover four major consumer product categories: Food & Beverage, Beauty & Personal Care, Household and Kids.

For 2018, brands competed with their best new products across 38 key categories in which innovation matters to consumers.

Best New Product Awards 2018—list of winners by category:

Product-launch PR—consumers cite the innovations they value most

Product-launch PR—consumers cite the innovations they value most

Product-launch PR—consumers cite the innovations they value most

Product-launch PR—consumers cite the innovations they value most

“We are thrilled to celebrate the 10th year of the Best New Product Awards,” said Levy. “For the past decade, the Best New Product Awards have honored the brands whose new innovations resonate most with consumers. The awards continue to help consumers navigate the overwhelming number of new consumer products available, make better purchasing decisions and, in turn, welcome the most effective and innovative products into their homes.”

“It is remarkable how the best brands find meaningful ways to improve their products and become increasingly relevant year after year,” he added.

According to BNPAs’ companion survey, the American Shopper Study, the average new CPG product is recognized by fewer than 1 in 3 category shoppers, even when that product boasts a major innovation and has been on shelves for almost an entire year. “This truth underscores how important it is for new products to stand out and get noticed in stores and online,” says Levy. “Even the most innovative new products need help getting that initial attention and recognition from consumers.”

The winning products were determined among the nominees solely by the votes and opinions of more than 11,000 American consumers, including thousands of verified purchasers who bought the products with their own money. Voters participated in an extensive nationwide survey conducted by independent marketing research firm BrandSpark International.

Find out more about the Best New Product Awards here.

The 2018 American Shopper Study presents the results of one of America’s most comprehensive shopper trends and behavior surveys. More than 11,000 respondents contributed to this year’s survey. Data was weighted to the national profile of household shoppers. This is the 10th year the study was conducted. 

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