Social media is most successful for app marketing—if content is optimized

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Public Relations

Companies rely on social media the most to market their mobile app, according to a new survey from business news and how-to website The Manifest. More than one-third of companies (34 percent) prioritize social media marketing over app store optimization (ASO), SEO, and content marketing to attract customers to their mobile app. Social media offers extensive reach, an ability to target users, and low costs, which makes it an appealing marketing channel for businesses.

Businesses need to create content that’s tailored to their app’s audience on social media, though. “Social media should not be treated like an echo chamber; it’s about telling a story,” said Joshua Davidson, CEO and founder of app development company Chop Dawg, in a news release.

Most companies find success using third party marketing agencies

Over 90 percent of companies use a third-party resource to help market their app. The preferred outside resource is a mobile app marketing agency (66 percent) or a digital marketing agency (65 percent). Another 42 percent of companies use an outside consultant, either instead of an app or agency, or in addition to their marketing team.

Experts point out that in-house marketing teams often do not have experience or connections to launch a successful, long-term, marketing campaign. Third-party agencies and consultants can help.

Social media is most successful for app marketing—if content is optimized

Businesses value app store optimization

Nearly 20 percent of businesses concentrate their marketing efforts on ASO, or the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in an app store. Since 63 percent of apps are found through app store searches, companies recognize the importance of ranking high on a search results page.

About a quarter of businesses (24 percent) that use ASO to market their mobile app believe ratings and reviews are the most important elements for ranking high in app stores.

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Ratings and reviews can provide valuable insight into how businesses should improve their app.

“Great marketing is about listening and responding [to customers],” said Scott Robertson, CEO and founder of Robertson Communications, in the release.

Social media is most successful for app marketing—if content is optimized

Daily active users are most important app marketing metric

Over a third of businesses (34 percent) believe daily active users are the most valuable mobile app marketing metric to measure.

Companies often focus on building a sizable fan base for their app before making money. Yet, companies can’t spend too long building an audience before monetizing.

“If you’re not generating revenue over a two-year period and you’re still trying to find a market fit, you need to have a pretty hard conversation with yourself to see if this is really the thing,” said Jason Curry, senior director of marketing at design and innovation consulting firm Mutual Mobile, in the release.

Read the full report here.

Social media is most successful for app marketing—if content is optimized

The Manifest’s report demonstrated how marketing metrics and resources play a significant role in the financial success of an app. The survey included 301 app developers and marketers from U.S. companies.

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