Strategies for generating media coverage with PR campaigns

by | Nov 30, 2022 | Public Relations

Companies that want to generate positive media coverage with their public relations campaigns need to focus on a few different strategies to be able to get the most out of those campaigns. Between developing relationships with the right journalists, distributing content wisely, and sharing content on social media platforms, there are a few different strategies that companies can utilize to ensure that they end up generating media coverage that reaches their target audience.


When companies create PR campaigns, the way that they get started in general tends to be with a press release that gets distributed to relevant media outlets or other platforms. That means, once a company knows what makes its public relations campaign or its story newsworthy, it’s time to send out the press release to media outlets that are already covering subjects about what the company is doing, or on the topic of the press release itself. However, to figure out which platforms and outlets, the company needs to pitch to, it’s important to conduct media research, so that the company can figure out which outlets and platforms share news stories on the same industry that the company belongs to, and better understand how much the company’s industry affects the overall news cycle of a specific outlet. It’s also important to remember that most media outlets won’t care if a brand new French restaurant is opening in a city, and what they will care about is an interesting story behind the opening of that restaurant, such as reaching a specific target market to meet customer demand with that restaurant.


After a company figures out which outlets and platforms it should send out its press releases to it’s time to start developing, and then nurturing relationships with the journalists at those platforms and outlets. In fact, companies can start building out those relationships as soon as the business has been established to ensure that once the company has a press release it needs to send out, the business will already have an established relationship with those journalists, which is going to make them a lot more likely to pick up the press release and share it with the readers. These days, it’s quite easy for anyone to start building a long-term relationship given the prevalence of the use of social media platforms, as well as the fact that most journalists tend to have their emails available on their social media platforms, at the very least. That means companies can reach out to them with their stories, or even comments on past articles that they have published about the company’s industry, to ensure that they remember the company itself in the future.

Social shares

Finally, another way that companies can generate more positive media coverage through their public relations campaigns is by adding an element of content marketing to their overall public relations campaigns, which means sharing high-quality and valuable content on social media platforms for the target audience. This is a great way for companies to get a lot more people interested in the company itself, the content they are sharing, its solutions, and the overall campaign. It’s also a similar strategy to link building, which provides companies with an increase in website domain authority, and an improvement in search engine optimization efforts. Additionally, whenever a company does get featured in an outlet, it’s important to share the content where the company was featured on social media platforms as soon as possible.

Mike Paffmann
Mike Paffmann is CEO of Virgo-PR.


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