Top 20 TotalSocial Movers and Shakers: Which sectors had the most improved consumer conversations?

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Public Relations

The TotalSocial “Movers and Shakers” are consumer brands that showed the most improvement over the past year in driving the quantity and quality of consumer conversation—offline and online.

Top 20 TotalSocial Movers and Shakers

The brands on our “Movers and Shakers” lists are very diverse. The top 20 is comprised of brands from technology, dining, beauty and personal carehousehold products, beverages, retail, automotive, financial, travel and health such as OxiClean, TGI Fridays, ASUS, Toshiba, Orbitz, Acura, LEGO, Motrin, Herbal Essences and Wegmans.

The rankings are based on Engagement Labs’ patented proprietary TotalSocial® data, which continuously measures the most important drivers of brand performance with respect to social media and offline word of mouth conversations. They were identified by brands that had the biggest point increase in their TotalSocial scores from the twelve months ending June 2022 to the twelve months ending June 2021.

Top 20 TotalSocial Movers and Shakers

Overall most improved: OxiClean, TGI Fridays, Asus, Motrin, Toshiba, Herbal Essences, Lego, AMD, Xbox, Clinique, Mist TWST, Halo, Acura, Charmin, Subaru, AAA, Comet, Wegmans, Lamborghini, and Advil

Secret to social influence: Talkability

As different as the Movers & Shakers brands are, they have a key factor in common, and it’s why they’ve all earned a top spot in our rankings. That factor is talkability, which is the ability to motivate consumers to discuss and share news, marketing and other information about your brand.

The way marketers earn talkability varies by category and brand. For instance, unlocking influencers is a key source of momentum for the three auto brands on the list. Subaru’s Offline Influence score rose 22 points since the year prior, while Online Influence increased by an impressive 58 points. A similar story was also seen for Acura (+16 offline & +55 online) and Lamborghini (+10 & +53) whose influencer scores jumped dramatically since a year ago. These auto brands know who their influencers are and keep them engaged with their brand. They understand that by reaching influencers, marketers enjoy almost twice the conversation reach than average consumers provide, and the impact of their recommendations is four times as great due to their credibility and perceived expertise.

Meanwhile, CPG brands like Charmin moved up the list because marketing proved to be an effective driver of conversations about their brands, both offline and online. Charmin’s Offline Brand Sharing score rose 14 points since a year ago, while Online Brand Sharing increased 9 points. Leveraging marketing to drive talkability is important because conversations among consumers drive about 19 percent of purchases, including conversations that are triggered by paid advertising—we find that one-quarter of the impact of advertising on sales occurs by causing consumers to talk about the brand.

Top 20 TotalSocial Movers and Shakers

Offline most improved: TGI Fridays, Toshiba, Orbitz, Sling TV, Abercrombie & Fitch, Mist TWST, HTC, Blue Moon, Progressive, Wegmans, Motrin, AAA, Always, Frigidaire, Hormel, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Coors Light, TLC, Miller Lite, and Graco

Online most improved: Lego, Asus, OxiClean, Nintendo Wii, GameStop, Lamborghini, PlayStation, Minecraft, Citi – Cards, Grand Theft Auto, Vaseline, Ferrari, Costco, Pokémon, Xbox, Trader Joe’s, TRESemmé, Lenovo, eBay, and AMD

So, what can brand marketers learn from these “Movers and Shakers?” Here are three best practices they follow to create talkability:

  • They measure the conversations about their brand in both social media and real life. These conversations are important because they predict brand performance and provide insights that enable brands to optimize their marketing strategies in both spheres.
  • They develop talk-worthy campaigns. They may use humor, or appeal to a specific emotion that resonates with their audience. Or they might have a unique product, campaign or launch that is newsworthy.
  • They take risks. They create campaigns that align with their brand but are also innovative and sometimes controversial

It’s time to act to assure a strong 2022 outcome

Now is the time for brands that have WOM momentum to keep building buzz, and for those that are lagging to work overtime to get things turned around.

At Engagement Labs we have demonstrated that for most brands, there is little to no correlation between what gets talked about online in social media and what gets talked about offline, so strategies to activate both are key.

To be successful, brands should develop a holistic social strategy. Start by understanding what consumers are saying about your brand both online and offline, what is driving those conversations and how they are different.

As a marketer looking to maximize your Holiday 2022 results, there is no better group of consumers than those who are already talking about your brand and category – connect with them and let them share their stories. Engagement Labs has the data and insights to help you drive advocacy that will amplify your messages and accelerate sales, Engagement Labs.

Schedule a briefing and we will provide you with a complimentary social influence scorecard and use cases with Fortune 500 companies in your industry sector.

About Top 20 TotalSocial Movers and Shakers:

The rankings are based on the Company’s proprietary TotalSocial® data and analytics platform, which continuously measures the online and offline social metrics that are proven drivers of business performance. These metrics, including both online and offline conversations against the following major conversation dimensions: net sentiment (the difference in the percent positive conversations minus negative), brand sharing (the extent to which people are sharing or talking about a brand’s marketing or advertising), volume (a measure of how many conversations mention a brand) and influence (the extent to which an influential audience is talking about a brand).

This article originally appeared on the Engagement Labs blog; reprinted with permission.

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