Top video trends for businesses in 2024: How they use video, where they are seeing success, and how video will evolve in the year ahead

by | Feb 7, 2024 | Public Relations

As communicators are aware, video is the best way to get your audience’s attention. Even more to the point is that video is the marketing “language” that younger people speak—they are much more likely to watch one about your brand, products, or virtually any message you’re trying to relay than read about it, and older generations are starting to follow suit. The immense popularity of video-focused social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok demonstrate this (not to mention YouTube).

New survey research from video editing platform Animoto shows the impact of video on today’s businesses. The firm’s 2024’s Top Business Video Trends report details the ever-growing number of ways companies are using video, and although marketing leads the pack, the medium is effective in other company roles.

Top video trends for businesses in 2024

Businesses are making more videos than ever

A decisive 90 percent of businesses surveyed said they make videos at least once a week. Additionally, one third of those said they make a video every day. And there are no signs of slowing—86 percent said they plan to make even more videos in 2024.

Top video trends for businesses in 2024

Beyond marketing: Video’s rise in the workplace

Historically, businesses primarily created marketing and promotional videos. Now, with the transition to remote and hybrid work, there’s a growing trend of using video in the workplace to improve communication and employee engagement.

Last year, the top video made by businesses was a tie between training and advertising videos, followed closely by:

  • Customer support videos
  • Sales videos
  • About us videos

Top video trends for businesses in 2024

The #1 goal: Engagement over everything

Across the organization, business professionals said that their top priorities are engaging with customers and employees, and they have the tools to do it. A unanimous 100% of those surveyed expressed confidence that video boosts employee engagement.

“Businesses are placing their confidence in video to connect and engage not just with their customers, but with their entire teams,” said Brad Jefferson, CEO and co-founder of Animoto, in a news release. “They’ve shown us that in 2024, video is the gold standard for business communications.”

Top video trends for businesses in 2024

Read the full report here.

Animoto surveyed individuals from 400 different U.S. businesses to learn about how they currently use video and plan to use video in their organizations. These individuals used video in their day-to-day work, but video creation was not a part of their primary job responsibilities.

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