How TV networks are combating Facebook’s News Feed changes 

by | Feb 6, 2018 | Public Relations

Communicators of all shapes and sizes are struggling with how to best handle the demotion of their posts in Facebook’s new News Feed set-up, and TV network communicators are no exception. New research from machine learning-fueled social firm ListenFirst addresses key best practices for branded content on FB.

The firm released its State of Social TV report with key insights into Facebook’s organic reach, how consumers are engaging with TV properties on social media, audience make-up of consumers engaging with TV properties, and the rise of social branded content as a new advertising opportunity.

The report reveals that in 2017, Instagram took over Facebook in engagement for the first time, organic reach of media posts on Facebook declined 40 percent, and social branded content outperformed all other TV posts by 42 percent.

“The growth of TV social audiences presented a new advertising opportunity in the form of branded content. So, naturally, Facebook’s recent announcement about changes to its News Feed has put a lot of media companies on edge,” said Jason Klein, co-founder and co-CEO of ListenFirst, in a news release.

How TV networks are combatting Facebook's News Feed changes 

“The unique insights in this report can help media companies better prepare for the Facebook changes to come, and also presents advertisers with a compelling reason for continuing to partner with media companies on social branded content,” Klein added.

Key takeaways from the report include:

Decline in Facebook organic reach does not mean less people see content from media properties

While Facebook organic reach declined by 40 percent in 2017, the number of people who saw a TV post organically declined by only 13 percent, meaning TV posts reached audiences beyond a TV page’s fan base.

Instagram surpassed Facebook as the number one most engaging platform

Instagram grew 41 percent in engagement in 2017 while Facebook engagement declined by 25 percent.

Instagram TV audiences catches up to Twitter TV audiences

Instagram’s fan footprint across TV pages grew 11x from 2014 to 2017 topping 256M followers, nearing Twitter’s 283M followers.

Streaming networks outperform broadcast and cable in social engagement

Social engagement for streaming programs spiked 13x from 2016-2017, while Broadcast and Cable programs grew by 6x and 5x, respectively, during the same period.

TV social branded content is highly effective

Social branded content published by TV pages outperformed non-branded content by an average 42 percent in 2017, and generated 9x more engagement than what an advertiser generated on its own page.

Download the report here.

Branded content best practices:

How TV networks are combatting Facebook's News Feed changes 

How TV networks are combatting Facebook's News Feed changes 

How TV networks are combatting Facebook's News Feed changes 

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