Video is the most influential content format across social platforms

by | Jul 10, 2017 | Public Relations, Social Media

Video is more exciting than article copy—we know this, but communicators may not realize how that excitement level translates to consumer action. According to new research from influencer marketing platform gen.video and shopper marketing and brand activation agency Geometry Global, a whopping 90 percent of social media users are influenced to make a purchase after seeing video content on social media, especially in consumer electronics, fashion, food/beverage, health/beauty and travel.

The firms’ recently released study, The Influence of Influencers, provides brand marketers with critical insight into what content formats have the greatest impact on driving sales and platform preferences of shoppers.

“The way we shop and buy goods has experienced a seismic shift due to the Internet and the power of social media,” said Jessica Thorpe, president of gen.video, in a news release. “The intersection of influencer marketing and video are reshaping the landscape for brands and retailers. Alone the tactics are powerful. Together they are unstoppable at influencing the shopper journey.”

Video is the most influential content format across social platforms

Key findings according to the research:

Influencers impacting sales

One-third (33 percent) of respondents said social media influencers are their most trusted sources for shopping. Nearly doubling friends/family (17 percent) and more than brands/manufacturers and stores combined (30 percent). In addition, social media influencers are trusted nearly 7 times more than celebrities.

Shoppers are also reliant on social media and influencers for information, as 84 percent of respondents agree, “It is important to hear about the experiences of others before I buy a product,” while 77 percent responded, “Social media is my main source of inspiration for the products I buy” and “I trust the information other consumers provide on social media.”

Video is the most influential content format across social platforms

The importance of video

  • Video is the most effective influencer content at driving sales.
  • More than 75 percent of respondents believe video is more ‘enjoyable, relevant, believable and credible’ than other type of content.
  • Video is also nearly twice as effective in driving sales, especially at Amazon and Walmart, and in categories including electronics, fashion, food/beverage, health and beauty, and travel.

What motivates consumers to actively search for video on social media?

Video is the most influential content format across social platforms

Influence on shoppers

  • Consumers of influencer video are influencers themselves. Sixty-one percent share, like or click video content at least once per day vs. 37 percent of other shoppers.
  • Nearly a quarter (23 percent) of respondents watch influencer video to completion “no matter what.”
  • Surprisingly, 79 percent of respondents are “willing to spend more on a product after watching a social media video.”

“Influencer marketing and video content are playing a growing role in shopper marketing and retail,” said Tish Vallés, EVP and head of strategy at Geometry Global, Akron, in the release. “This new research shares insights on how to best leverage influencer content to engage shoppers in their socially influenced purchase journeys to drive greater sales.”

Download the study here.

Based on a broad survey of more than 1,000 shoppers, the research used traditional survey techniques and advance facial coding technology to observe respondents as they watched different types of influencer videos, including reviews, lifestyle and charitable, to measure impact, brand engagement, and purchase intent.

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