What’s a reasonable cost per click for social media ads? Insights here

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Cost per click, or CPC, is the term used for social media campaigns to measure the cost of every click and impression on the ad. When a user clicks on an ad, one click is added automatically. Advertisers pay a certain amount of money to webmasters due to clicks. 

But keep in mind that the cost per click rate varies depending on factors like targeting options, competition, and ad platforms. There is a standard pricing model, used on Facebook Ads and Google Ads.   

cost per click

What is a good CPC rate?

The targeted ROI (return on investment) is the term that determines the cost per click ratio. Typically, 20 percent of the acquisition, or 5:1 of total revenue, is known as a good cost-per-click rate for any term. But keep in mind that the CPC rate depends on the type of business. 

Average CPC for social media ads:

cost per click

Their rate varies from ad to ad. The CPC estimator can determine the number of clicks and costs needed to get a specific CPC. 

How to calculate CPC

Cost per click is easily estimated by using the online CPC calculator. Typically, it provides insight into the average CPC rate on an ad group or a specific keyword. In order to look at the CPC calculations, advertisers can set realistic budgets and also optimize their campaigns. Manually, cost per click is calculated by utilizing the below cpc equation: 

Divide the cost of a paid advertising campaign by the total number of clicks. 

CPC = Advertising cost/number of clicks 

Average CPC

It is the amount that you have been charged over every click. In other words, we can say that it is the average amount the advertisers pay for every ad click. 

Average CPC = Total cost of clicks / total number of clicks 

For example:

Suppose, you have a page and want to run ads on Facebook. If you spent $300 on advertising on Facebook that helps to generate 100 clicks on the website. So how much cost per click (CPC) do you produce? 

CPC = Advertising Cost/Number of Clicks 

CPC = $300 / 100 clicks 

CPC = $3 per click 

Last words

In order to measure the effectiveness of advertising strategies, the calculation of CPC for social media is considered a crucial concept. There is a specific formula that we have discussed above that helps to measure the cost of clicks. 

However, the CPC calculator online is a tool that determines the cost of each click on an advertisement. In this way, advertisers make an informed decision about their specific budget. This way you can empower the business to refine their targets and analyze the overall performance.  


How much does 1,000 clicks cost on Facebook? 

There are two metrics known at the time of Facebook bills, including; 


Generally, on 1000 impressions Facebook pays $9.88 

What types of ads are involved In CPC? 

  • Shopping ads 
  • Image ads 
  • Video ads 
  • Twitter promoted tweets 
  • Facebook ads 
  • LinkedIn ads 
  • Instagram ads 
  • Text ads 

What’s the difference between CPC and CPA? 

These are both different terms but are used for social media campaigns. 

CPA is abbreviated as cost per action. It means that you are paid only when users complete an action including signing up, form filling, or making a purchase. 

On the other side, as we have discussed above CPC is the amount that you pay every time a user clicks on your ads. 

What is cost-per-click advertising on Facebook? 

We specifically turn to the concept of link clicks when CPC comes into discussion. Facebook cost per click is known due to some interactions. These include clicking to view the image, clicking to react to the post, and clicking to share a post.

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