Why digital PR is important for SEO and link building

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Public Relations

SEO and link building are two crucial elements that determine the success of any online business. However, many challenges arise during this process. There are three questions that all SEO experts struggle with. First, how to scale link building without compromising the quality? Second, how to earn editorial links quickly? And third, how to earn relevant quality links from verified sources with authority in the field? Luckily, this is where digital PR steps in. Why is digital PR important for SEO and link building? Do not go anywhere; you are about to find out!

How digital PR improves SEO and link building?

The main goal of PR is to build a strong, serviceable brand. Digital PR is very useful because of its ability to quickly spread awareness about the business, putting it into the spotlight. As we have mentioned at the beginning, digital PR can solve many challenges with SEO and link building, and the first one we are going to look at is how to earn high-quality links.

An illustration that shows how digital PR can spread awareness and why digital PR is important for SEO and link building.

Digital PR can earn high-quality links

The best way to get good quality links is through social media strategies and influencer outreach that digital PR offers. The best way to advertise a blog is to market it on online channels. As its popularity grows, it will attract the attention of all the high-authority websites in the industry and create potential partnerships. With that in mind, make as many contacts as possible with the industry leaders, and use that opportunity to gain high-quality material.

An illustration showing a person holding a mobile phone and a network of people in the background, connected with lines, symbolizing the connectivity in the digital PR world.

One of the benefits of digital PR for SEO and link building is the vast network of useful contacts with journalists and publishers.

Avoid link cloning strategies

Competitor companies often play a game of cat and mouse, cloning each other’s links. Company A publishes a quality link, and then Company B steals it, changes it a little, and uses it as their own advertisement.

So, why is digital PR important for SEO and link building? Because it can provide high-quality links that are not that easy to clone.

Digital PR strategies that earn quality backlinks and improve SEO

The power of digital PR lies in its connectivity with other editors and journalists. That’s a valuable source of information, and networking with them is an excellent way to gain backlinks.

PR agents can use the same channels to publish blogs on other networks or do press releases to attract more viewers. Furthermore, they can use blogger outreach to get mentions on relevant blogs. It is possible to accomplish the same thing by using influencer marketing on social media.

Also, digital PR companies can affiliate marketing programs that pay a commission to bloggers who contribute and provide quality links or refer potential customers to a business.

Scaling the business with digital PR and link building through data-driven research studies

Doing link building with the help of digital PR is an efficient strategy to scale the business quickly. PR agents can do data-driven research studies and create unique, relevant content crucial for SEO.

If we analyze how link-building companies work, we can see the same pattern. We spoke with professionals from Link Department about their approaches to building quality links. The secret is in:

  • understanding the niche of the company and the goal behind the project;
  • defining desired backlink profiles;
  • developing a metric to track the success rate;
  • doing customer research to create tailored backlinks;

With the help of digital PR and the influence agents have, all of this customer research gains a whole other perspective. The power of digital PR to collect and spread data is invaluable for this process.

A person writing essential digital marketing elements with a red marker.

Digital PR can improve SEO and link-building strategies by utilizing digital marketing solutions.

Monitoring the news

Another strategy of digital PR is to monitor the news and track interesting stories and events around the world. Also known as newsjacking, this effective strategy is excellent for SEO and link building. However, it is not always easy to accomplish this. The reason why digital PR excels in newsjacking is because of the experience agents have. When a story breaks, it is crucial to act quickly and publish it first. Furthermore, through powerful connections, PR agents can also acquire expert opinions on breaking news. All of that is crucial for high-quality content that helps the link-building process and improves the SEO of a website.

Is digital PR important for SEO and link building? Yes!

There is no doubt about it; digital PR plays a crucial role in SEO and link building. A digital PR agent has an array of strategies and approaches at their disposal. Those strategies are vital for solving the most common SEO and link-building problems, like acquiring relevant links and scaling while maintaining quality. It is all about being informative and having connections in all areas of the industry!

Elizabeth Wilkens