Why having the correct insurance is good for a contractor’s PR

by | May 27, 2020 | Public Relations

Every business is striving to maintain good public relations, whether that be through providing a quality service, engaging with customers and clients, or making a positive difference through progressive or charitable actions in the wider community or world. However, it can often be easier for large businesses with a huge, professional PR team to do this than for a small business that doesn’t have the same time and resources to commit to PR.

A contractor, for example, spends long working hours not only on doing the job and providing the service they are paid for, but also on marketing, planning, and, of course, PR. A simple but effective way to automatically improve your PR is to get the right insurance.

Adhering to business compliance

The bread and butter of coming across as trustworthy and professional is ensuring you don’t break the law. It seems obvious, but business compliance is something many don’t pay enough attention to. Ensuring you have taken out the right insurance will protect you against legal claims and disputes, should they arise, protecting your image and your public relations. Occasionally, having general liability contractor’s insurance is required by law depending on where you work and what your profession is – a failure to take this out when necessary could see you end up in serious hot water and, in turn, damage the public perception of your business.

Your customers want you to be protected

As much as you want to protect yourself, your customers and clients also want you to be protected. In the same way your customers wouldn’t hire a plumber if they didn’t have the tools, they’re also less likely to hire one if they’re not covered by the correct insurance.

Not only does having insurance give a good impression to your clients, but the insurance itself can also actually cover your PR costs. For example, somebody working as an IT contractor could look to take out cyber liability insurance. This covers the cost of getting hacked, including system repairs, loss of income, and PR for if your customers lose faith in you because of the attack.

If you’re a contractor, whether that’s in painting and decorating, cleaning, gardening, or consulting, finding cheap contractor insurance will not only cover you in the event of unpredictable incidents or mistakes, but it will also save you money and any future hassle should something go wrong.

Builds trust

Being able to tell potential customers and clients that you’re fully insured and covered in the event of an accident will build trust in your brand and make you a more desirable contractor to hire. One of the most important things to remember when maintaining good PR is to be honest. Honesty beats perfection in many cases and is also what builds trust. Being an honest contractor with the correct tools and insurance will serve you well in remaining trusted by the public.

Untrustworthy contractors, if they’re lucky, just get bad-mouthed in the community. Sometimes, they get bad-mouthed in the press. Both of these are terrible for PR and taking the necessary steps to be an honest, trusted worker means you’ll avoid these awkward situations.

James Daniels
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