Winning with women—where we stand as midterm elections approach

by | May 9, 2018 | Analysis, Public Relations

With the recent TIME 100 annual award granted to an all-time record high number of leading women, it’s an ideal time to showcase not only these high-profile overachievers, but also the many women driving business, media and advocacy—heading into the upcoming 2018 Midterm Elections.

As of the most recent count, 57 women are running for the Senate, with 472 female registrants planning to run for Congress, according to The New Yorker.

Highlighted further in the article is another buzzword—diversity

“This year’s wave of female candidates has some striking features besides its sheer size. There is also a great deal of diversity within the group.”

According to Maya Contreras, founder of “Win With Women,” a new policy-driven conference aimed to generate awareness and participation to advocate on behalf of women for issues to related to social media, voting rights and registration, gun violence and reproduction, this trend toward increased involvement is very healthy.

Winning with women—where we stand as midterm elections approach“We have witnessed that when women win, everyone wins. After all, we are 51 percent of the population,” Contreras says. “Our focus is to help both younger and disenfranchised people that did not vote previously, to get involved with the upcoming election, by educating everyone about policy reform.”

A special conference will be held in Washington, DC May 14-16 to propel these crucial issues toward a solution, in the 2018 midterms and beyond.

An April 2018 study conducted by the Associated Press indicates that across all voting age groups, there is a coalescence of interest in getting involved in advocacy and activism

“While just over half the nation’s population is female, four out of every five members of the U.S. House are men,” the Associated Press states. As highlighted in this chart, a record number of women in the house will make some real headway in terms of representation and a change in priorities.

As heightened interest in this topic continues to receive daily media attention, see two such articles published on the Daily Beast and Vox, that stress the significance of these midterm elections and what they will mean for creating change in the future.

As funding and donations roll in for the minority party, it is clear that women are at the forefront of this momentum.

The Gotham PR team is actively involved as an all-female team to represent the marketing PR community as leaders to participate, communicate and help to activate voters to proactively engage in 2018.

Courtney Lukitsch
Courtney Lukitsch is Founder and Principal at Gotham PR, with offices in in New York and London.