#MendesArmy blitzes the Juno Awards

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Public Relations, Social Media

For the second year in a row, #MendesArmy took over the Juno Awards.

Yes, Shawn Mendes was this year’s Fan Choice award winner at the annual Canadian music award show. And really, it wasn’t even close. That’s thanks to the rank and file of the aforementioned army (some of whom may or may not be Twitter bots), whose members tweeted his winning hashtag (#JFCShawnMendes) so often it was the Junos’ second-most tweeted hashtag overall.

Junos 2017 top hashtags

But since the Junos don’t typically post the runners-up to this award, in which fans are invited to use specific hashtags to vote, Agility PR Solutions unleashed its media monitoring and analysis software to see which other artists may have given the Pickering-born teen star a run for his money.

The answer? None, really.

Junos 2017 top retweets

But the dominance of Mendes fans within such a relatively small-scale event as the Junos shouldn’t come as a surprise. Just look at the top users by follower count for this year’s #Junos. Again, it’s not close:

Top #Junos influencers by followers # tweets
ShawnMendes 9,218,054
therealrussellp 3,113,545
THR 2,524,411
michaelbuble 2,438,147
Much 1,043,286

It’s the same story when looking at the top influencers by retweets and retweet reach: Mendes-related accounts accounted for five of the top ten influencers by total retweets, and three of the top ten influencers by retweet reach.

Top #Junos influencers by retweets # tweets
@TheJUNOAwards 30,566
@sebftdashdolls 6,641
@ShawnMendesNews 5,770
@GrownShawnARG 3,887
@andrewgertler 2,551
@CTV_Television 1,754
@umusic 1,639
@AlessiaCWorld 1,305
@ShawnMendesFans 1,262
@ThatEricAlper 1,044

In other Juno-related social analysis, a simmering controversy about a perceived lack of gender diversity of Juno finalists failed to make much of an impact in overall Twitter numbers.

Despite media stories published the week of the event about the #JunosSoMale hashtag – with CBC going as far as to call the issue a “storm” – the hashtag was only mentioned 33 times during the entire duration of Junos weekend.

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Jim Donnelly
Jim Donnelly graduated with a BA in History/English from Wilfrid Laurier University and a MJ from Carleton University. Jim heads Agility PR Solutions’ Media Insights Group which oversees the production of public and client media analysis reports and infographics. Jim was previously editor of the Ottawa Business Journal and related publications such as Ottawa Technology Magazine and Meeting in the Capital.


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