4 ways to drive traffic to your YouTube channel

by | May 6, 2017 | Public Relations, Social Media

Did you know that more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day? You could, therefore, be missing a trick if you are not developing a YouTube video marketing campaign, as it offers the potential to connect with millions of visitors every single month. To assist you in this mission, Social Media Daily reports these four top tips for increasing YouTube traffic:

Use the right keywords

It is important to consider the customer journey for YouTube video marketing. Most users are not looking to make a financial engagement, but are either looking for entertaining or helpful videos, so they are less likely to buy a product than if they were to visit your website.

It is, therefore, important to consider the buyer journey. You must select the relevant keywords they are likely to use when searching for a video. For example, if you offer electronic repair services, you could create a video on “how to dry a wet mobile phone” that features a range of helpful tips. Consider using the AdWords Display Planner tool to find the right keywords to use in your video descriptions—and we recommend choosing keywords that have a minimum of 1,000 monthly impressions.

Buy subscribers

If you want to boost your channel in YouTube, you are going to need more subscribers. The more people following your videos, the better they will perform on the social media platform. Therefore, you should consider buying subscribers for your YouTube channel, which will ensure real people following your videos. It is ideal for new YouTube accounts, as it can help to raise your profile and encourage further interaction.

Optimize your YouTube channel page

If a YouTube member likes your video, there is a good chance they will view your channel page before they decide to subscribe and watch more videos from your account. Therefore, you should make the most of their visit by optimizing the page to drive traffic to your website and other social media channels, such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. This will allow your brand to receive maximum exposure, and a strong social media presence on other channels could convince a user that you’re worthy of their subscription.

Don’t forget to make superb use of your channel’s banner header, either. Here you can insert four clickable links to various channels—so you should feature the appropriate call-to-actions to drive further engagement.

Be original

You will not stand out from the crowd if you simply put another spin on an old topic. You should aim to be as original and creative as possible with your videos, which make people want to click on the link to watch it. So, tell an interesting story, offer tips they wouldn’t find elsewhere or do something funny that makes them want to share the video online.

Originality is key when it comes to video marketing on YouTube. So, try different video lengths, keywords and ideas to attract as many users as possible. With a little perseverance, you will gain a large following over time.

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