Amazing Race Canada S4E10: Shrieking and treachery drive a bump in Twitter engagement

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Episode 10 began with a bang, not a whimper, as Jillian let loose with what has come to be her trademark scream after Emmett accidentally dropped a gift basket.

Twitter responded immediately.

The word “banshee” even appeared…twice.

It was a tough week for Jillian. Of the 70 tweets that contained her first name, seven contained some variation on “whine”, six the word “annoying”, and five contained another word that can only be described as insulting.

But Jillian wasn’t the only one to catch some flak for how she plays the game, as Ashley ran into some Twitter venom after she lied to Frankie and Amy‘s faces about what was needed to complete a Road Block.

At Kingsbrae Gardens, a blindfolded team member had to touch, smell, memorize, and correctly identify 15 different species of plant using the English name of each. Well, Frankie and Amy and Jillian and Emmett misread the clue and thought they had to memorize the Latin names too…and Ash let them go on believing it.

After a slew of failures, and with Frankie and Amy at the end of their ropes, Ash told them to keep on trying for the Latin names. The ruse lost Frankie and Amy the race, and earned Ash some heat.

Of the 36 tweets that mentioned “Ashley”, eight also contained the word “ruthless”.

All this shrieking and treachery seemed to resonate with fans, because Episode 10 saw the most action on Twitter since the season premiere way back on July 5, up by 15.1 per cent from Episode 9 and by 62.2 per cent from Episode 8.

After all was said and done, Steph and Kristen, Joel and Ashley, and Jillian and Emmett will duke it out in the season finale next week for the Amazing Race Canada crown.

It turns out you can’t always get what you want.

Total contestant mentions: 782 UP 18.8%amazing race canada s4e10, amazing race canada

  1. Joel & Ashley (2nd) – 39.1UP 21.2%
    Joel Ground (@JoelGround / @Joel_and_Ashley), Ashley Callingbull (@ashcallingbull / @Joel_and_Ashley)
  2. Jillian & Emmett (3rd) – 26.5% DOWN 21.4%
    Jillian MacLaughlin (@JillianMacLaugh) / Emmett Blois (@EmmettBlois)
  3. Steph & Kristen (1st) – 21.6% DOWN 5.7%
    Steph LeClair (@sleclair09) / Kristen McKenzie (@krlstenmckenzie)
  4. Frankie & Amy (eliminated) – 12.8% UP 0.3%
    Frankie Gassler (@FrankieFenix74) / Amy Gassler (@amygassler)




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