BNN’s The Disruptors: Content is king, especially for HBO & sports broadcasters (or, down Periscope)

by | May 1, 2015 | Uncategorized

It’s now the third week of BNN’s The Disruptors and the show’s co-hosts Bruce Croxon and Amber Kanwar are really finding their groove. Interviews with potential disruptors — such as Kanwar’s interview with Brainsights — are interesting, but most compelling are the insights shared by Croxon.

Investor and entrepreneur Bruce Croxon is obviously very knowledgeable, and much of his wisdom gets tweeted and retweeted on Twitter.

I personally could relate to Croxon’s latest comments on content — especially being the CEO of a technology-based media monitoring and analysis company.

The obvious value for sports broadcasters, and the American premium network HBO, is their unique content that’s in high demand.

But social media platforms and social tools, such as video streaming app Periscope, are changing the game.

We’ve already seen one sports league — the British Premier league — try to clamp down on fans posting Vine videos of EPL content online.

Periscope, which has a fast-growing user base of over one million, is also being used often (along with competitor Meerkat) at sporting events. But now North American leagues, such as the NHL, are also cracking down.

As Croxon says, “you cannot mess with their content”.

But as we know from past experience, people will always find a way — especially with the emergence of disruptive technology that can change things overnight.

Find their latest episode online.

Brett Serjeantson