McDonald’s announces nationwide all-day breakfast in wake of BK proposal

by | Sep 2, 2015 | Uncategorized

McDonald’s has announced that it will indeed be offering nationwide all-day breakfast. After some apparently successful market testing in San Diego beginning in April, the fast-food chain has committed to implementing the massive menu change across the U.S. by October.

The announcement comes just days after McDonald’s now-infamously denied and rebuked Burger King’s peace offering. While each chain received approximately the same amount of media coverage during the three days that the McWhopper was on the table ━ both cashed in to the tune of ~3,000 online mentions ━ in the less-than 24 hours since the breakfast announcement, McDonald’s has accrued more than twice that number. Burger King? Just over 1,000.
McDonald’s may be in a growth freefall, but it would appear it still knows how to whip John Q. into a frenzy.

Read our first analysis of McDonald’s plans for all-day breakfast.

Marcus Kaulback
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