News Media

Toronto Star: Alessia Passafiume (@alesapassafiume) now serves on the health reporting team. 

amNewYork: Ethan Stark-Miller (@estarkmiller) joins as Senior Politics Reporter.

The Wall Street Journal: Jack Pitcher (@jackpitcher20) joins as Markets Reporter covering the US stocks beat.

Broadcast Media

The Nature of Things: Sarika Cullis-Suzuki and Anthony Morgan (@AnthonyMxSE) named new hosts, taking over for the 2023-24 season following the retirement of David Suzuki.

CBC Radio: Corey Bullock (@corstrum) appointed as a Reporter at new Cranbrook bureau.

97.1 The Freak: Danny Balls joins as Co-Host.

Business & Commerce

Forbes Advisor: Kelly Anne Smith (@keywordkelly) has been promoted to Deputy Editor.

Sports & Leisure

The Athletic: Steven Ginsberg (@stevenjay) joins as Executive Editor.

Technology & Telecoms

Rest of World: David Adeleke (@DavidlAdeleke) joins as Africa Editor.

Disruption Magazine: Mariam Ibrahim is the new Managing Editor.