North American Opportunities

Managing Editor, Summit Daily News, https://bit.ly/3fguzP5

Freelance China News Reporter, The Epoch Times, https://bit.ly/334gX7e

Freelance Copywriter, dot.LA, https://bit.ly/3nknTUn

Sports Editor/Writer, Ketchikan Daily News, https://bit.ly/3HWBr0f

Investigative Reporter, Weigel Broadcasting Co., https://bit.ly/33naKmu

UK Opportunities

PR, Content and Media Executives, Liberty PR, https://bit.ly/3Hyz6bL

Journalists x2, Tindle Newspapers Limited, https://bit.ly/3sVJQg4

Features Writer/Senior Sub-Editor, Henley Standard, https://bit.ly/3FVjY7J

Magazine Editor, Euromedia Associates, https://bit.ly/31mZNRc

Wildflower Magazine experienced freelance Sub-editor required. Applications can be sent to zoe.levey@wildflowerpress.co.uk