North American Opportunities

Editorial Director, Food Safety Magazine, https://bit.ly/3C66LH8

Reporter/Deputy Editor, The Marshall News Messenger, https://bit.ly/3lbYdaM

Morning News Producer, KDBC, https://bit.ly/3tCLbH3

Higher Education Reporter, Inside Higher Ed, https://bit.ly/3EmnMPg

Staff Writer, Lampasas Dispatch Record, https://bit.ly/3z6PtYj

UK Opportunities

Multimedia Sports Reporter, Sportsbeat, https://bit.ly/2ViLyd8

Journalists, Nub News, https://bit.ly/3h7KsbY

Reporter, Mercury Press and Media, https://bit.ly/3n4OQft

Magazine Editor, Euromedia Associates, https://bit.ly/38IQWt0