News Media (National)

CBS News – London Bureau: Melania Hidalgo (@melania_hidalgo) has been appointed as News Desk Editor.

News Media (Regional)

National World: Chris Wheatley (@chriswheatley_) has been appointed as Football Content Editor & Writer across LiverpoolWorld, NewcastleWorld, LondonWorld and BirminghamWorld.

Business & Commerce

COVER: Jaskeet Briah (@jasbriah) joins as a Reporter, covering the cost of living, health insurance, employee benefits and more.

Consumer Lifestyle

Tesco Magazine: Bryony Bowie (@bryonybowie) has been named as Acting Senior Food Editor.

ALSO Journal: Des Lewis has been appointed as Fashion Director-at-Large.

Culture, Entertainment & the Arts

Evening Standard: Lizzie Edmonds (@lizzieedmo) is back from maternity leave and resumes her role as Celebrity Correspondent.

Energy, Environment & Natural Resources

the I paper: Daniel Capurro (@capurroddaniel) joins as Environment Correspondent, covering climate change, environment and energy.

Farmers Weekly: Abi Kay (@fwabikay) has been appointed as Deputy Editor.