News Media (National)

PA Media: Karis Pearson (@pearsonkaris) has been appointed Video Production Journalist.

Sun, The: Andy Halls (@AndyBizarre) has been named Head of TV.

Times, The/ Sunday Times: George Nixon (@george_nixon97) has been appointed Money Journalist.

News Media (Regional)

Wiltshire Live: Daniel Jae Webb (@DanielJaeWebb) has been named Reporter.

Yorkshire Post: Caitlin Doherty (@_caitlindoherty) has been appointed Westminster Correspondent.

Broadcast Media

Channel 4 News: Ryan Ramgobin (@ryanramgobin) has been named Senior Multimedia Producer.

Business & Commerce

Capital.com: Jenny McCall (@jennylouisemca) has been named Senior Reporter.

Consumer Lifestyle

Boots Health & Beauty Magazine: Danielle Hine (@DanielleAHine) has left to freelance. She covers culture, fitness and lifestyle.

Glamour: Ali Pantony (@alipantony) has been named Acting Website Director.

Slapp: Emma Hobday (@slappldn) has been appointed News & Features Writer.

Tab, The: Hayley Soen (@hayleysoen) has been appointed TV & Culture Editor.

Culture, Entertainment & the Arts

Radio Times: Jane Garvey (@janegarvey1) has joined as a Columnist.